Happy 3rd Anniversary Immortals!

21st of April 2006-21st of April 2009.  It’s been three years that we’ve been tossing each others nonsense ramblings inside our little hive in cyberspace.  Three years of knowing each others clumsiness and silliness.  Three years of sharing each others secrets and painful dramas in life.  It’s been a great pleasure knowing that somewhere in this very chaotic age of multi-tasking and modern brouhaha, there is still a place wherein we can vent our frustrations in life without the fear of being rejected and humiliated.

To all cool headed immortals who are reading this post, Happy 3rd Anniversary!  Jia You!

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Empress is a tech enthusiast who loves to read and write. She founded Empress Content Writing & Digital Marketing Services to help small entrepreneurs grow their business.

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