Vanilla Mangatar Cuties

These are the mortals I work with every day. Thanks to Daddy Reymund for these cute mangatars. Lay the red carpet down for the Vanilla Cuties!!! Wohooo!

From left side-first row: Empress, the gothic enthusiast; Dreadz, the genius-rasta-php programmer; Cheche, the ultimate fashionista; Chubby, the everdearest so lovable chinita; Doi, the coolest boy of them all; Jet, the long-haired TA; Jza, the super beautiful mommy; Madz, the coolest and prettiest wifey; Micay, the sultry lady; Soulmate, my ever beautiful soulmate; Mon, the super daddy who created all the avatars; Nadj, the super sexy php programmer; Shirley, the ever daring and witty one; Sky, vainglorious mortal; Witch, the super lovable model; Tintin, the sexiest and most confident mom in the whole world, and Trishie, the ever lovely and fish-loving fairy.

Aren’t we cute? Hehehe!

About Empress

Empress is a tech enthusiast who loves to read and write. She founded Empress Content Writing & Digital Marketing Services to help small entrepreneurs grow their business.

3 thoughts on “Vanilla Mangatar Cuties

  1. I love it! Everybody is so cute! I have a fish-obsessed mortal (At least I think she is) friend! She loves Dory from Nemo! My favorites are Empress :P, Chubby, Nadj and Witch! So adorable! Oh, wait… I can’t pick favorites… If I would, it’d be the whole list… Tintin is also so adorable!

    I love them all, they rock!

  2. Было бы прикольно, если бы свои мысли читатели выражали в стихах..интересно было бы такой блог прочесть :), админ мо введешь ради прикола такое правило на пару дней?)

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