Risk Addiction

I can’t get enough with Basic Instinct 2. If you haven’t watched the movie yet then you should watch it as soon as possible.  It is in that movie I first heard of the word “Risk Addiction“. Sharon Stone played the role of a risk-addict novelist who would do anything to quench her thirst for risky stuff, like finger-fucking while driving her car (risk of getting caught and risk of having a brutal road accident), paying a man-whore for sex and a secret gang-bang or orgy) (risk of having a disease, being caught by people, risk of social isolation ), committing sexual-oriented crimes (risk of getting caught by the police, risk of going to prison), and a lot more.

Sharon Stone’s character in the movie is unstoppable and she has the drive to do anything she wants. She even manages to manipulate her psychoanalyst and make him believe that he’s a psychotic. I think the movie exaggerates a lot in that part. I mean in the real world, the psychoanalyst should not be that attached to his patient. In the story Sharon Stone manages to lure him using her erotic sexual charms.

So, what’s with risk-addicts anyway? They are individuals who have high dopamine and serotonin on their bloody brains. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters which are responsible of the occurrence of various attitudes which turned out to become the basis of personality development. The level of these brain chemicals can determine if an individual is compulsive or impulsive, easy-going or independent and the likes. Risk-addicts have high level of serotonin, this means their brains need high level of stimulation before they can feel satisfaction or before they can feel anything.

People who are into danger-seeking activities like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, drug abuse, sex abuse, and the likes are risk-addicts. Their lives are defined on how they outwitted risks and winked at death. The common cause of this addiction is the fear of boredom. People who have high levels of dopamine cannot just sit in the corner and wait for someone to come. They are the ones who go out and seek for fun. So, are you a risk-addict?

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