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Claymore Chapter 87: Return of the Exterminators

I’ve been waiting for this chapter since December of last year, and I’m quite surprised that there’s a new breed of characters that were introduced for the the very first time. Can’t wait to continue reading. I never thought there are other more powerful creatures other than the abyssal and the awakened ones. They are neither Yoma nor Awakened; they are the third type of grotesque beings…”DEMONS”…

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Kaname Kuran

He is the main character of Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight manga, which has been serialized since January of 2005 in Lala Magazine in Japan, and then put into serialization in Shojo Beat magazine in North America by June of 2006.  Kaname Kuran is a pure blood vampire who happens to be Yuki Cross’ elder brother, but, is destined to love her romantically.  Well, for those Zero-Yuki fans, this post will disappoint you because I’m for Yuki and Kaname’s love tandem.

Kaname and Yuki’s love may be a taboo for mortals, but it cannot be applied in the blood-sucker world. Kaname’s love for her sister cannot be fathomed beyond the depths of those endless abysses in the monster world they live in.  The brotherly love is only a faint reflection of the intensity of feelings and bliss every time he is with her.  The tragic disaster that happened to their parents ten years ago had marked him for the rest of his immortal life to love the only member of his family that was left, Yuki.

Photo Credits: Animea.Net

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Limited Lovers

Please don’t be fooled by the title or make prejudgments because it sounds so lousy. This tear-breaker shoujo by mangaka Yamada Keiko is the very first manga that made me cry.

Limited Lovers, unlike any other manga I’ve read has a very strong plot, and other shoujos absolutely fade in comparison. On the other hand, just like any other shoujos this one is definitely full of idealism. But you would absolutely forget about that as every chapter is carefully painted by painful struggles, and is gently stitched by unwavering hopes and faiths.

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Shinigami Lovers

The chain of Thanatos’ lover! It is an invisible chain used by a Shinigami the moment he takes the soul of a mortal who’s going to die.

Miku’s accidental death due to the system crash of the database of the Death World causes her to be literally tied up to Sei, a Shinigami, with a chain called the Thanato’s lover. She and Sei are bound to be tied up until she can fully live her entire life span. But what will happen if the two will fall in love to each other?

Well, this manga is another shoujo delight. It’s actually a quick read because it’s only composed of 12 chapters and a special story at the ending. If you’re used to seeing a very tall, gawky, and ugly Shinigami like those characters in Deathnote, then you better think twice. Hehehe!

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Vampire Knight

The best gothic romance manga ever!  You can’t help yourself but fall in love with the nocturnal immortals who grace the pages in its every chapter.  Vampire Knight is an ultimate page turner that will keep you at your feet as Yuuki’s hidden secret from the past is slowly revealed.

Kaname Kuran is the character I fell in love the most in this manga.  Hahaha!  He’s a pure blood vampire who saved Yuuki from a savaged blood-sucker during those cold snowy night ten years ago.  I hope there will be new updates for this series.  Can’t wait!  Hehe!

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