Be Resort Mactan Lapulapu Cebu 16

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Empress often finds herself either lost inside her mind or lost in beautiful scenic places. She's currently doing the things she loves while maintaining a frugal lifestyle. This blog is all about her struggles to live a frugal life, her quest to see the world via budget traveling, and her love to share to people everything that she is passionate about.

Agnes does not absolutely conform to any beliefs or philosophies. Though she's writing about frugal living and is currently embracing the minimalist lifestyle, she doesn't want to define her existence based on these realities alone. For her, life is too diverse, too colorful, too mysterious, it would be a waste of experience (and time) to imprison herself to a few sets of ideas. Google+ | Twitter

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  1. Debra says:

    I was there 6 or 7 years ago, was looking for an eacpse from hectic life style.I took my wallet (with very little cash), passport and a couple of clothes then went to the airport to find the fastest flight out (guess what? It’s the flight to Bangkok), I was looking around for cheap stays not sure how but I ended up at Discovery Lodge.The friendly Lena (she was the manager, is she still there?), Stefan (oh my God, you should stop drinking already! I like you better when you’re sober and criticizing Bush) Ron from Ireland.I’m now back to my normal hectic lifestyle, but the friends from Discovery Lodge are a unforgettable lot.

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