Frugal Fashion: Handmade Upcycled Ipod Cable Earrings

N.B: Don’t just throw away your old Ipod cables.  You can transform them into unique and very interesting pieces of fashion by following the instructions in the featured guest post below.EOD

Nothing is more stylish than incorporating everyday items into your wardrobe. Creating your own jewelry pieces from spare or worn-out materials not only makes you stand out from the crowd but emphasizes your original taste. Why spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry when you can make your own earrings without spending a dime? Homemade upcycled iPod cable earrings can be made with nothing more than the unused connections from broken iPod cables, a hook for the earring and a little ingenuity. When you sport these earrings out on the town, you show off your originality, your computer savvy, or your ability to be ahead of any fashion trend.

How can you build your own iPod earrings? Obviously, you need your own pair of iPod cables (unless you want to sport the single earring, in which case you need only the single cable) that are defunct. You can find defunct electronic pieces from friends, from electronic stores, or for cheap in large quantities online. Should you have a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, you could purchase a large number of defunct cables, manufacture the earrings, and sell them for a modest profit. If you would rather have the style all to yourself, however, you need only follow a few directions.

After you have the two iPod cables, use a wire stripper to peel the white rubber cord that protects the wires inside. Once you have peeled through the rubber you should be able to see the green, red, black, and white cables (two of each). Either loop the wires around each other or have them hang separately. Since these wires are flexible but hold their shape, you can twist them into any form that looks best. Model them after other earrings or create intricate whorls and loops that will catch anyone’s eyes. Check out earrings from – your jewelry store in St George Utah in order to get ideas about shapes that you can mimic with the iPod wires.

Trim the wires to two or three inches so that the edges do not rub up against your neck. You can easily paint the wires new colors if you would rather have a shade of violet or turquoise than the standard colors of electronic wiring. Attach the hook to the top of the cable charger by either taping it securely down or hot gluing it to the metal and giving it an hour to dry and seal. Once you have the hook held on tight they are ready to be worn wherever — whether you want to show them off at a craft fair, at an electronics expo, or at the most prestigious fashion show that you can display your work at.

All total, the cost of putting together upcycled iPod earrings should only be a few dollars; far cheaper than jewelry made from imitation gems and metal (let alone genuine stones and silver or gold). Show off your ingenuity and your creativity with upcycled iPod earrings while everyone else wishes they had had the same idea.

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4 Responses to Frugal Fashion: Handmade Upcycled Ipod Cable Earrings

  1. Leia says:

    I like your style Agnes. You’re quite fashionable. I love your idea of having such creation; It’s really unique and cute…
    I love to wear it on my sister’s Birthday. I know it will be fantastic!

  2. Harry says:

    Really you have a great fashion sense, and it is frugal as well. I really could not make out that those were cable wires. They actually look like some artistic earnings. I must say that you have a sharp mind that gives you such wonderful ideas. Keep it up, cheers!

  3. Merlin says:

    I tried this out with my old iPod cable. It looks outstanding and very attractive when I wore it. Something which is handmade is always appreciated by me. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea. Got one more accessory added in my drawer. Feels good! Thanks for the share!

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