Be Enamored @ Be Resorts Mactan

The beach front

I’ve never been to a resort here in Cebu wherein you can instantly see the beach front even if you are still standing at the entrance door of the main building.  It is only at Be Resorts (formerly known as Microtel) that I immediately see one, spruced with Greek-like architecture, carpeted with man-made white sands.

Be Resorts’ main reception area is covered with glass walls and lavishly decorated with Kenneth Cobonpue’s artworks.  Yeah, you read it right.  Kenneth Cobonpue’s.

Despite the affordable rate, which by the way, is now as low as Php 3000 (net twin sharing with breakfast), I think Be Resorts put justice in the word grandeur.  From their cool activity center, executive function rooms, comfortable and refreshing bedrooms,  enticing pool to limb twisting kayaking (which I enjoyed a lot), it is one great beach destination here in Cebu especially if you wanted to feel like you are in Greece. (:


Be Resorts is nestled in Punta Engaño, Mactan Island.  It is located minutes away from the Mactan International Airport and easily accessible via the Marcelo B. Fernan bridge.  For booking and reservations, contact the Cebu Sales and Reservations Office, Punta Engaño Road, Mactan Island, Cebu 6015, Philippines.  Telephone: (6332) 2368888 local 8800 (Sales); local 8832 (Reservations).  Fax: (6332) 236 8088.  Email:  Website:

N.B.: The Php 3000 net twin sharing is a local summer promor rate.  Limited rooms only.

Photo Credits: Edcel Ceniza and Doyzkie Buenaviajie

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9 Responses to Be Enamored @ Be Resorts Mactan

  1. maibe says:

    mahal man pod diay dri noh?
    nanawag ko 499/pax
    without meals pa ni

  2. Empress says:

    Naa man sila’y summer promo ron, Maibes. Php3000 good for two, then overnight na na and free breakfast…

  3. maibe says:

    lage nag inquire mi ana
    sa among company outing man to mao ni ako g suggest mao g tawagan nako ni sya
    mahalan man sila d sila nahan..
    mao ng naka decide sila sa imperial palace nalang
    mas mahal pod dri sa imong be resort.. pero nice pod ..

  4. irel says:

    I updated ur link Press. Thanks for letting me know:D Nice site:D

  5. empressofdrac says:

    Nice pud bitaw sa Imperial Palace pero la pa ko kaadto…au udta’g magpapromote sila…hehehe


  6. maibe says:

    nice jud naa ilang pool didto nga nag tuyok² ang slide
    syang d lang ko ka slide kai bawal nako

  7. empressofdrac says:

    sa Imperial Palace na, maibes? nahan au ko moadto didto aist…la pa ko kaadto…pehehe…

  8. maibe says:

    yes sa imperial palace na nez..
    kita gani mi sa mga pix sa mga sites nice ang ilang mga pool..

  9. Ceb says:

    nice post… Nindot man d i sa imperial palace… basin mahal sad…

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