Maribago Bluewater – A Recall

Obviously, this is not my first post about Maribago Bluewater, but it was my first time going there last May along with my co-blogging cyborgs.  For all those people who don’t know, Maribago Bluewater is one of the finest beach resort here in Cebu.  Its world class amenities and high quality customer service made it one of the most sought tourist destination worldwide.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort was established on July of 1989.  The establishment has a 50-50 recruitment process, that is, they hire employees 50% from agencies and another 50% from independent applicants.  Their target market is mostly foreigners, and the Japanese chinks topped their list of regular customers. These are few of the information I learned after the small conference they held.

One of Maribago Bluewater Cebu’s main attractions that captivated my interest and awed me a lot, is their man-made island.  I’ve been to a lot of resorts here in Cebu and outside the province, but I never seen such kind of attraction.  A man-made island a few meters away from the main beach is just simply terrific.  It’s just too bad we didn’t able to explore the place because our time was limited.

Anyways, there’s another good news.  Once again, the Maribago Bluewater management in cooperation with PinoyWorld, invite another batch of blogging cyborgs to visit their Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort.  This beach resort is located in Sumilon island, a 15-minute boat ride from the town of Oslob, Cebu.  For more information about this tourist destination, you can check their Sumilon Bluewater blog, or you can also watch the Maribago Bluewater video.

Photo Credits: Michelle

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12 Responses to Maribago Bluewater – A Recall

  1. mark says:

    lingaw Judni if ever,,,aweee

  2. Empress says:

    hahaist…dili pa jud ko kaayo sure aist…au ta’g makaleave ko ana nga day…haist…):

  3. This is good Empress…

    Kuyug gyud… Once in a lifetime ra ba ni… he he he…

  4. tianexx says:

    mynta maka leave sd ko ani..waaaaaaa

  5. admin says:

    @sir ruben

    grabe pud anang once in a lifetime oi…mura ma’g eclipse…hehehe…

  6. Mikyu says:

    huhuhuhuhu. luoya nakuh oi. can’t join. naa kui laing appointments anah nga day nya dli ku ka.sayon2x ug cancel. waaaahhhh. T_____T

  7. Howee says:

    Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  8. Jonha says:

    Wow looks like you had some fun, pretty good looking place.

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