My Sister passed the CPA Board Exam

I just received IM messages lately from my sister that she had passed the exam. I feel so glad, happy, grateful and all the positive feelings. And at the same time I wanted to cry. It’s because I’ve seen all the hardships my sister went thru. All the ups and downs and specifically the down moments. The CPA licensure exam is one of the most difficult exam one should take to become a certified accountant. And I am very proud that my sister did it. After all the never ending reviews and burning of candles and all the nosebleeding incidents (yes, she literally had nosebleeds because of studying and reviewing) she had made it. Yes! Yes! Yes! She told me while chatting a while ago that papa cried when she told him that she passed the exam. Well, I know they are tears of joy. Any parents would have reacted the same. And in my heart of hearts I’m so grateful for I know God has answered our prayers. I cannot fully express how happy I am at this very moment. I’m so happy for my sister because I know how much difficulties and hardships she had went thru just to get this far. I’m so proud of her and I never failed every time I encouraged her to never give up. She made it and we are all thankful to God for being always with us thru happy times and especially hard times. To my sister, welcome to the real world. You made it!

With so much love,

Papa, Mama, Ate, Inday Ginamay

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8 Responses to My Sister passed the CPA Board Exam

  1. ceblogger says:

    congrats to your Sis! I welcome her to the world of accountants.

    Vote for: “For A Greener Earth” by Blog from Cebu to the World in The Blog Challenge Awards.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Congrats to you and your sister.

    I know how it feels when passing a board exam.

  3. hihi…we’re so proud of her…

  4. JeyPriey says:

    Wow! Passing the CPA board exam is definitely not an easy job.. congratulation to ur sister.. 🙂
    btw, can I add u to my blogroll? please add me too.. just buzz me up.. tnx.. have a nice day!

  5. celestislove says:


    Congrats to your sister!

  6. jchitomi says:

    press, update my ur: mao na ni cya… update ha… ty 😉

  7. Wilhelmina says:

    wow, congratulations! I failed my exam, but hten again, I was uninterested. 🙁 I know. So sad.

    Anyway, link love to my other blog? 😀

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