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How app-etising! The top food apps worldwide

Note: This is a guest post by Clare Carmichael, a food blogger from UK.

Technology is evolving as we speak and it seems like every day there are new gadgets popping up, claiming to make our life easier.

Nowadays you can feel like you’re some sort of noob if you’re not up to date. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to meet a friend and they’ve been running late and used Facebook to tell me this because they presumed I had internet on my phone. In the end I gave in to peer pressure and bought myself an iPhone, which has changed my life!

I have to admit that I’ve become slightly addicted to buying apps…many of which I don’t even need! Food apps are my favourite because I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I justify my addiction by saying it’ll make my dinner parties even more spectacular!

I thought I would compile a list of the best food apps for you to enjoy:

Food Magazine Philippines

Food Magazine is known and trusted for its recipes. In each issue you’ll find at least 30 of the newest recipes to try out. The nutritional content in also given so you won’t be left wondering! Learn about home basics such as how to budget, decorate, organise and store – you’ll find a bit of everything in this magazine app. Available for iPad and Android. Rating 4.5/5.

Easy Food Magazine

If you’re on a budget and also don’t have much time to cook then this is the app for you! There are hundreds of recipes. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you’re cooking for a dinner party or just for yourself, you’ll get great hints and tips from this app. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Rating 4.5/5.

Jamie Oliver 20 minute meals

Have you always wanted to cook like the famous Jamie Oliver? This app is great for busy people who still want to cook for themselves rather than grab a cheeky takeaway on the way home from work. Each recipe is presented in easy-to-understand steps and there are photos too so you can’t really go wrong. Jamie also features in a few videos in which he gives out helpful tips. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Rating 4.2/5.

Food Planner

Food Planner is a great way to organise what you’re going to eat throughout the week so you know exactly what ingredients to purchase when you shop. You can use your own recipes or find ones online. It’s even possible to edit the recipes in case there’s something you want to add or omit to the ingredients. Available for Android. Rating 4.4/5.


This app has over 25,000 recipes to choose from and many have been professionally tested and featured in top magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appétit. The step-by-step guide makes cooking easy to understand and you can even save the best recipes to your Favourites. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Rating 3.5/5.


If you’re ever in the UK and have no idea where to go to satisfy your hunger cravings then why not download the hungryhouse app. Just type in the cuisine you’re craving for and you’ll be shown a list of the nearest restaurants and their menus as well as customer reviews so you know which places have been recommended. Either visit the restaurant or use the app to order a takeaway directly to you. It couldn’t be easier! Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Rating 4.5/5.

So what are you waiting for? Get great hints and tips from these apps and you’ll be a professional chef before you know it!

This has been a guest post by Clare Carmichael, a freelance writer for mypassionforfood and the hungryhouse magazine. The UK’s leading food delivery platform featuring restaurants from across the country including Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow.

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Android, the Future of Mobile Computing

What is the very first thing that come to mind when you hear the word “Android”?  Maybe for those people who are not into hi-tech stuff, they  would think of those powerful characters from popular Chinese & Japanese series.  But, for tech savvy individuals who are always in the look out for the latest buzz from the technology industry, Android is a very powerful technological innovation that is now rapidly changing the face of modern mobile computing.

What is ANDROID?

Android is a mobile (i.e tablet, smartphone) platform from Open Handset Alliance.  It was acquired by Google (the developer) as Android Inc. (the start-up team that created the software) in 2005.  It is an operating system that is based on Linux and Java.  Android devices feature touch screens, GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, 3G or 4G service, and all applications you can think of that are supported by the version installed on your mobile device.  The very first Android enabled device was introduced by T-Mobile on the year 2008.

Android VS iPhone

Android users download and install applications from the Android Market (Android’s online store).  Aside from being at par or being more superior to Apple’s iPhone, Android provides access to a wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich applications.  For example, Android enables developers to obtain the location of the device, and allows devices to communicate with one another enabling rich peer-to-peer social applications.

Android quickly became iPhone’s toughest competitor because aside from the fact that it’s at par with iPhone’s functionality, it also gives equal access of technology to all (not just the wealthy ones but also the masses).  This, is because Android is an open-source software.  Compared to iPhone’s apps which are solely controlled by Apple, Android has open-source applications.

We created Android in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there was no central point of failure, so that no industry player can restrict or control the innovations of any other. That’s why we created Android, and made its source code open.“, stated by the team behind the Android project headed by Google.

Android is for ALL

When I heard of this amazing innovation from Google, I was ecstatic and searched every article online that discusses how great it is.  For the very first time, someone is toppling Apple’s “elitist” iPhone and giving every human being equal opportunity to use the latest technological innovation in mobile computing.

Technology should be for all and should not be limited or monopolized by any entities.  Kudos to Google and to all the people behind this generation’s greatest innovation.  \m/

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SM Cinema’s Online Movie Ticket Reservation

You must have already heard about SM Cinema’s online movie ticket reservation with a twist.  Why with a twist?  Because unlike Ayala Cinema’s Sureseats (movigoers who buy tickets online get their actual tickets  at the movie counter), SM Cinema lets movie goers claim their reserved tickets by just swiping their cellphone through an automated machine.  Tickets are automatically released and printed without the aid of ticket tellers and the like.

The bCode Cellphone Scanner

The innovative “cellphone swiping twist” is actually awesome but I’m just wondering why SM Cinema is kinda too late in developing an online movie ticket reservation system.  Ayala Cinema had already have one since like 2 years ago.  Anyway, this latest development would surely benefit movie goers with fast-paced lifestyle and people who are always online.

Problem with the Website’s Navigational Structure

For the benefit of our fellow homo sapiens who are not internet savvy, I want to warn everyone though that the basic login – logout process of the SM Cinema website is not user friendly and has poor navigational structure.

Not user-friendly because it’s the only member-oriented website I know which has no basic Log-in and Log-out navigation located either at the upper left or right corner of the member’s dashboard or administration page.  You need to undergo confusing page to page steps to find the Log out or Log in menu.  This, is actually very stressful especially to users who don’t want to waste their time clicking useless links and browsing uninteresting pages.

Just take this specific situation I encountered after I registered online.

After I completed my registration by clicking the confirmation link sent to my email, I was redirected back to SM Cinema’s homepage.  I immediately look for the log in button or link with the intention of checking my account settings.

To my disappointment, there’s really no log-in button or link on the index or home page.  Later, I found out that you need to select a movie and then select schedule of viewing before you can log in.  In short they wanted the members to reserve a ticket first before they can view their account.  This, is actually very amusing.  They should know that not all the times the users log-in just to reserve a ticket.  Sometimes, they just browse what movies are in or if they wanted to update their account information like passwords or credit card details.

The same goes with the Log-out navigation.  This is actually very risky since most users might forget to log out leaving all their important account information like their credit cards open to internet criminals. Same problem with the log in navigation, the log out button or link can’t be easily found on the member’s page. You need to go through like two deep links to access the log-out link menu.

I hope as of this writing, the navigational problems that I encountered have already been corrected.  SM Cinema should take into consideration first the security of the information provided by their website members.  Also, they should be more aware how important proper navigational structure is as part of their site’s usability.

Check SM Cinema’s website: www.smcinema.com.

Happy movie watching to everyone and Advance Merry Christmas. (:

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Globe WiMAX in Cebu’s Elementary Schools

Vice Mayor Rama assisting the handing ceremony

Globe WiMAX brought good news to 6 Cebu City Elementary Schools yesterday, during the handing ceremony held in Zapatera Elementary School.  Along with Vice Mayor Rama, Globe handed a year contract of free Wi-fi connection to Banilad Elementary School, Bario Luz Elementary School, Kamputhaw Elementary School, Lahug Elementary School and Zapatera Elementary School.

This event is carried out thru Globe’s ISP (Internet in Schools Program), which is a part of their vision to become a leader in ICT for education.  This program is the major education initiatives of Globe utilizing Globe Broadband to provide free internet for one year to applicable public schools all over the country.

Public schools which have wireless internet connection through WiMAX will have easy access to a wide range of information useful in enhancing the learning process.  However, Vice Mayor Rama warned that the students’ access must be limited to educational websites only.   Browsing adult and illegal websites are prohibited.

About WiMAX

WiMAX is the newest and cutting-edge wireless broadband technology offering by Globe.  WiMAX has improved reach versus other wireless technologies as WiMAX covers greater distances and is 33% faster and 25% more affordable than other broadband providers.

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