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World Blogathon – Cebu Bloggers Promoting Advocacies through Blogging

Today, December 8, 2012, the first World Blogathon will be happening from 1PM to 6PM at Andy Hotel, Mandaue City. This one of a kind event is spearheaded by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s Outreach Committee chaired by Jaysee Pingkian, the main initiator of the activity. World Blogathon aims to highlight various advocacy-oriented organizations by letting their voices be heard through blogging and social media.

How to Join?

If you are a blogger and would like to join the activity today, you can still catch up by filling up this registration form. On the other hand, if you are like me who can’t attend the event but are willing to support the cause, you may blog about World Blogathon and share your post to your readers and network of friends.

More information about World Blogathon

To learn more about World Blogathon, you may visit the following pages.

Official Website: http://worldblogathon.org

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Blogathon/173081929504685?fref=ts

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312355638865859/

What is the Twitter Account of World Blogathon?

As of now the account is still being taken care of. For the mean time, you may use this hashtag #worldblogathon every time you tweet anything related to the activity.

How about Cebu Bloggers Society? How Can I join?

If you are a Cebu-based blogger and would like to join US, then you can visit our membership application page to apply.

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CBSi @ 3, The Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.’s 3rd Anniversary

Three short yet very productive and life changing years…

As I browse through some CBSi people’s 3rd anniversary posts, the very common thing that they mentioned there is on how the organization changed their lives and that how proud they are being part of the society.  These testimonials alone are sure proof that Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is a very influential group and aside from accomplishing its main goal of promoting Cebu through blogs, it has played other very important roles – a life changer and an inspiration to its members and those non-members who wanted to become part of the organization.

We celebrated our 3rd year of being together yesterday at PAGCOR Casino Filipino Parkmall.  Thanks to Mr. Renato Z. Osmeña, Jr., Satellite Manager of PAGCOR Parkmall for allowing us to use their very new event hall.  For the record, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is  its very first “event users”.  The hall doesn’t even have a name yet.  A big thank you also to Mr. Francis Daniel Maning of Holister Cafe for the overall help in setting up the venue.  The Holister Cafe is located inside the PAGCOR building in Parkmall, Mandaue City.

More photos of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. 3rd Anniversary Celebration here.

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Cebu Bloggers 2nd Anniversary

Time flies so fast that I merely  notice it.  Cebu Bloggers Society will be celebrating its 2nd founding anniversary this 14th of February, 5PM – 9PM at SM City Cebu Foodcourt – SM Storyland Celebration Hall.  Hell, yeah!  It’s on Valentines Day!  There’s actually a rumor that on that day, about two years ago, our founder was heartbroken and because of loneliness and desperation, he decided to create an online group to relieve his ailing heart.  LMAO!

Seriously, the group has actually evolved into a well structured organization which is member-oriented and primarily aims to promote the province of Cebu to the international community through blogs.  In its 2-year course, CBS has already garnered prominent recognitions and has been featured in several publications.  The organization has also established various media partnerships and has been active in the local events and functions.  But, if you would bother to take a closer look, the group’s major accomplishment is that it has managed to attract diverse and competent members.

Cebu Bloggers Society’s 2nd Anniversary which is dubbed as “CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration” is made possible by the following.


SM City Cebu
SM City Cebu is the 4th largest SM Supermall in the Philippines, and the 11th largest mall in the world! With almost 500 retail stores, outlets, restaurants and cafes, it offers the most discerning Cebuano the best and latest in fashion, electronics, home and furnishing, personal care and services, a wide array of local and international cuisines, family-fun and entertainment. All within the convenience of one amazing city – SM City Cebu!

SM Foodcourt, SM City Cebu
SM Foodcourt is a cool and comfortable dining place with a variety of good food offerings plus free Wi-Fi service. With such facilities, it is a perfect place for meet-ups.

SM Storyland
SM Storyland is fun-tasy land where childhood dreams become reality. Experience all the excitement and whimsy of the fun-filled attractions at SM Storyland. Storyland is packed with kid-friendly rides, state-of-the-art arcade games and attractions, exciting entertainment, themed party packages, souvenir shops and delightful diners that will surely put a smile to on every face. The entire park is a visual array of fantastic make-believe world complemented with fun yet magical music.

88DB is the newest service developed by JobsDB.com, the no.1 jobsite in Asia Pacific. With over 5 million members and over 160,000 corporate clients in the global network, JobsDB.com represents a substantial base of quality corporations and talented individuals who offer a wide range of services. 88DB extends JobsDB’s service to a new level by creating a classified site for organizations, companies, individuals, clubs, societies and associations to promote and hire services of various kinds. It is a platform for service providers and consumers to find each other and a community where users can interact with different service providers.

Founded in 1998, JobsDB quickly expanded its operations and is today the largest recruitment portal in Asia Pacific with the widest network coverage, spanning Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the USA.

Balamban Liempo
In Balamban, there is a unique method of grilling Liempo. with local herbs, spices and some secret ingredients.
Many people go to Balamban just to eat this delectable dish! Now, you don’t have to as it is finally in Cebu City! Why wait in line for Lechon and get the Part you don’t want? Everyone simply wants to get the “LIEMPO” or the BELLY! Now you can get “ALL BELLY, ALL THE TIME”!

Golden Bowl Dimsum
Golden Bowl Dimsum Express started out by an invitation from an SM Foodcourt tenant friend way back in 1997. It was the first Dim Sum in a foodcourt in Cebu. The name Golden Bowl Dimsum, at that time, came from the existing restaurant business, Golden City Dimsum Restaurant, “Bowl” for the smaller store, “City” for the big one.

King Wah Chinese Cuisine
Travel is always the best way to experience culinary diversity and Mrs. Evelyn Lim can personally attest to this. Her travels to China, Hong Kong and to other countries allowed her to savor the different dishes each country had to offer. Enlightened on the joys one can get from gastronomic delights, she was then inspired to share the wonderful experience to the Cebuano people. Wanting her dream to become reality, she opened King Wah Chinese Cuisine. Established on May of 1994 at the SM City Cebu Foodcourt, King Wah Chinese Cuisine made sure that it can provide the best dishes at affordable prices garnished with impeccable customer service.

Mama Gie
Started in 1980 managed and operated by spouses Alfredo E. Costales (deceased) and Virginia P. Costales, the name “Mama Gie” was derived from Virginia’s nickname Virgie or Gie for short and was widely known to friends and peers as “Mama Gie”. Being both food enthusiasts, Alfredo, an Ilokano with a keen business acumen and Virgie, a Kapampangan who is regarded by many as an excellent cook initially put up a snack/fastfood counter at F. Ramos Street in Cebu City serving Kapampangan snack delights like the Pancit Palabok, Fresh Lumpia, Dinuguan with Puto, Guinata-an Bilo-Bilo and Goto Tokwa’t Baboy. Their regular customers then were medical students from Velez College as well as medical representatives.

Ric’s Barbecue
After 15 years of operations in SM Foodcourt, Ric’s Barbecue owner Jingle Benitez – Polotan knows by heart the ingredients for a successful restaurant.

“It’s our food. I know that if your food is good, people will always come back for more even if there are a lot of restaurants around you.”, says Benitez-Polotan before adding “It’s the service also that matters most to customers.”

Benitez-Polotan knows fully well that this formual works. Ric’s Barbecue, an unassuming diner located at SM City Cebu’s Food Court, after all is turning 15 years, a pioneer at the mall which also celebrates its anniversary every November 27th. Over the years, this restaurant manages to stay ahead because it serves tasty Filipino favorites such as pochero and barbecue.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Maribago, Buyong
Mactan Island, Lapulapu City 6015
Cebu, Philippines
+63 32 492-0100 / 232-5411
+63 32 492-0128 to 129

Batang Yagit


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Cebu Bloggers Society for PBA 2009 Special Awards: Blogger’s Choice

In the end, my loyalty to CBS prevails.  At first, I hesitated doing this because of that little mess that happened a month ago.  But when I think of it now, it’s just like a tiny splat of mud that temporarily stirs the very still water.  Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., no matter what will happen, is still the only winner in my mind and heart.

CBS is very dear to me because of various personal and official reasons.  This is why I’m voting for it (http://cebubloggers.com) in the PBA’s Bloggers Choice Award.  In the near future, I am quite sure that CBS will not only become the leading bloggers group in Cebu, but also, will become the Philippines’ premiere blogging community.  This is because, as what Bimbo Cabochan said, “CBS is a very powerful group.”

CBS is the most organized blogging community in the country and has the highest number of active members compared to other blogging organizations outside of Cebu.  Unity, respect, humility, and camaraderie are the main components that bond the group together.  Being tagged as a “very bureaucratic” organization is definitely a compliment.  Arigatou ne!

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Cebu Bloggers Parody Series: Teaser

This is only a teaser of Cebu Bloggers Parody Series that I’ll be featuring here in my blog.  This Parody series includes love, humor, horror, suspense and everything.  This serves as the main content of  my site’s Entertainment section.  The photos are from CBS members, but I’ll create a story in each series.  Please be reminded that all these are for entertainment only.   Let’s celebrate the humor in every funny things and events that we had shared.  Long Live CBS!

Continue Reading Here.

More people, more laughs, more fun in the next post to come. LMAO.

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Into the Wild, Wild CBS Camp Out

If you wanted to seek diversion from your stationary and monotonous office slave life, habituated by same old faces of your friends and comrades, getting too close for comfort with your clanmates, tired of doing same old stuff, and wanting to breathe another flavor of carbonated oxygen, then you should have been hanging out with the CBS crowd.

The CBS crowd, a mob of cool online addicts who share common personality disorders, just had their first summer camp out and team building at Jardin De Busay.  An overdosage of appreciation goes to Mr. Vanjahnn, a fellow CBS mob member, for letting the the whole gang stay at their beautiful place.

The whole gang of raucous blogging cyborgs had spread live bullets of laughter and lethal nonsense talks all over the bloody place.  At the end of the team building initiation, team Wang-Wang, a team full of semi-carnal blogging cyborgs, emerged victorious over their lousy opponent, the name I won’t mention because I’m afraid it would just be a waste of bandwidth(peace team unknown, lolers).

On the other hand, a certain lousy cyborg got drunk and wasted during the event because he bragged that he can drink el hombre like a beer.  The result?  Well, the rest of the cyborg addicts molested his wasted moments and took a lot of photos to scandalized his holy body.  Lolers!  Peace be with you whoever you are.  Hahahahaha!

Below is the confidential list of cyborgs who made it to the said gathering:

  1. Vanjahnn of FocalGlass.Blogspot.com
  2. Mark of EUTS.Wordpress.com
  3. Mikyu of Ifancy.me
  4. Clarence of DahongLaya.com
  5. Kai of CalendarNotes.Blogspot.com
  6. Miong of MiongandMarquee.Blogspot.com
  7. Empress of EmpressOfDrac.com
  8. McBilly of McBilly.com
  9. Attorney of Bethelo.Blogspot.com
  10. Prince of RoyalGrapiks.Blogspot.com
  11. Aldwin of Multiply.com
  12. Bryan of WhatAboutBryan.info
  13. Jorich of BeyondTheNorms.org
  14. Tiannex of SimpolNiBai.Blogspot.com
  15. Timoy of MugnaSaBadlis.Blogspot.com

Xie, Xie Ni for the fun and baka moments.  Hehehehe.

Photo Credits: Vanjahnn

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CBS Xmas Farty!

CBS Xmas Farty

CBS Xmas Farty

[mwrap][dcap]N[/dcap]e Hao! This is only a quick post. We just finished our Company’s Christmas Party. We will be going to somewhere tonight. May be at Sun Flower or a place where we can chill out. Anyways, thanks to Vanjahnn for the successful CBS Christmas Party yesterday night. Thanks for the generous accomodation. I really love the view from the mountains overlooking the city. Such an awesome sight. Zai Jian![/mwrap]

Photo Credits: Vanjahnn

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FilipinoVoices.com met CebuBloggers.com

The Cebu Bloggers Society,  headed by Kevin Ray N. Chua,  met Nick of FilipinoVoices.com yesterday, November 22, 2008 at Bo’s Cafe, Ayala,  around four in the afternoon.  FilipinoVoices.com is a collaborative blog of Filipino bloggers which focuses on News, Politics, and Social Commentary.

The main agenda of the meet-up was to discuss the participation of Cebu bloggers in terms of citizen journalism which focuses on Political and Social blogging.  Through this, a movement can be formed where local based bloggers could become reliable sources when it comes to political and social awareness.

Here is an excerpt of the copy of  Overview and Responsibilities sheet handed by Nick to us during the meet up.

The bloggers will be our correspondents, playing an important role in providing key insight, information, and analysis where they will most likely be informed that other bloggers and writers from outside of the area.

Today is the beginning of The Cebu Bloggers’ participation in a grassroot movement that will take back our voice, and finally give back to the people, the power that is rightly theirs.

Thus The Cebu bloggers will be crucial so that our readers will have a more updated, more in depth look on the issues that are facing Cebu specifically.  Opinions, views, and analysis coming from not outside, but those who live and breathe Mindanao..

The CBS members who were present during the meeting were  Sinjin, X, Empress, Vanjahn, Rodel, Atenean, and Clarence joined us later on.  For those bloggers who are interested to become contributors to FilipinoVoices.com, you can email to Nick the following details:

1. Preferred Username and Password(for login purposes)
2. Avatar Photo(200×200)
3. Display Name(posted with your articles)
4. A blurb of yourself(a brief description that will be at th end of your every post)
5. An in depth description of yourself to be featured on the About page so that readers will know more about you.

Photo Credits: Vanjahn

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Cebu Bloggers Society Featured on MagTV Na!

I just watched MagTV Na, a local ABS-CBN show this morning. I don’t usually watch this show, but I waited for it because it would feature my co-CBS members in their segment that talks about blogging. And as expected, I saw five CBS members in the show. They were X, Rodel, Gerry, Clarence, and Kevin.

Rodel talked about his experience in making money thru blogging, X gave a brief description of his blogsite, Gerry explained that he started his blog as a hobby, Clarence talked about the content of his Dahong Laya blog, and Kevin talked about his controversial blogsite campaigning Sen. Mar Roxas candidacy for the 2010 presidential election. Kevin’s blog was also mentioned as one of the Philippines Top 100 Blogs.

It’s really great that the CBS group has little but constant exposures. The group started attending small talks, conferences, and then went to radio and now on TV. These are stepping stones for the group’s stability and these would also encourage fellow bloggers to join in. The more members the “manyer.” Hehehehe! Kudos to Cebu Bloggers Society!

Check here for more details about the MagTV interview.

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CBS members interviewed by Jun Tariman of DYAB Cebu

The Cebu Bloggers Society members were invited by Jun Tariman to guest his tech radio segment program. This was aired thru DYAB Cebu at 3:00 to 3:30 pm, November 2, 2008, Sunday. The 30-minute interview were attended by Clarence of DahongLaya.Com, Kevin of MarRoxas2010.Blogspot.com, Zeniamai of Zeniamai.Wordpress.Com, Empress of EmpressOfDrac.Com, X of ObnoxiousQueer.Com, and Sinjin of Sinjin.Ph.

The special radio segment’s main topic is about blogging. Before the formal interview, the members introduced themselves to the listeners and provided quick background to their respective blogsites. After that, Kevin formally introduced the Cebu Bloggers Society group to the listeners.

Mr. Tariman began the interview by asking the group when does blogging started. It was then followed by series of discussions about how to earn money thru blogging, how to increase blogsite traffic, the role of Search Engine Optimization in promoting your blog, popular money transfer services you should use to claim your blogsite’s income, the importance of blogging in history, best blog platforms to use, and of course the basic steps on how to create a blog.

The 30-minute interview was also broadcast internationally thru live webcast.

Click here for more photos. Photo Credits: X

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Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up

Yes!  Cebu Bloggers Society does exist!  Hahaha!  But as I can see, it’s still in its forming stage.  I’ve already attended a few meet-ups, and the others even attend press conference and the likes.  Hmmn…I’m looking forward to meet more fellow bloggers who are not only into blogging for money.  I mean most bloggers I’ve known are so crazed up in monetizing their sites.

Well, I’m not against the idea of blogging for money.  In fact, I have blogsites under google adsense.  My point is, it should not become the sole purpose why we blog.  We blog because we wanted our voices to be heard.  We blog to share our unique ideas… to express our individualities and to make unlimited connections to fellow bloggers and people worldwide.

I believe that the passion for blogging is a reflection of our passion for writing.  The passion to write should be the primary inspiration for bloggers.  In that way, blogging can sustain its true essence.  And that’s not definitely the essence of commercialization.  It’s because blogging didn’t start as a tool for business, but a powerful tool for individuals to reach out and to be heard.

But on the other side, who doesn’t need money nowadays?  Everybody loves to earn while enjoying what they love to do.  It actually depends on what side  you’re into.  Good luck to all bloggers out there!

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