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The Least Expected Yet Most Pleasant Suprise [#AgnosticAtheistMusings – Entry 2]

The things you least expected often bring more joys and contentment into your life.

My journey to Agnosticism and Atheism is filled with subtle yet consistent  sequences of unexpected revelations.

Growing up in a typical Catholic family within a typical Catholic community in a country wherein religious teachings are considered as absolute facts, it is always a struggle for a person like me to break away from deep childhood indoctrination.

My journey is very life-changing. It makes me appreciate more the value of life. It makes me symphatize more with people. In short, it makes me a better person.

One of the most unexpected revelations in my journey that brings so much joy and warm into my heart is when my life partner confessed that he is now an Agnostic.

A Very Heartwarming Yet Unexpected Revelation

My life partner, for almost eleven years, is a former seminarian. After he graduated in highschool, he decided that he wanted to devote his life as a Catholic priest. But, for some reasons, he didn’t make it.

On the last week of January this year, we were in for the biggest surprise in almost 11 years of our being together. We found out that I am pregnant. (I am on my 18th week of pregnancy while writing this blog post.)

One of the questions our OB asked in our very first visit was what is our religious affiliations. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised when he straightforwardly answered that he is an Agnostic.

I feel like I’ve been wrong all along. I always thought that he is always a theist. Although I’m very vocal with my thoughts about the atrocities brought by religions, my partner seldom argues with me. He always listen to what I say to the point of seemingly agreeing to some of my sentiments. 

But, I knew deep down, he should have disagreed (to some of my arguments) because I believed he was just being lenient with me. This is the very reason why I never expected that for all these years, he is now becoming more like me.

An Atheist and a Theist Relationship

I often read articles saying that it’s impossible for an atheist and a theist to be together. But, this is not true at all.

Despite our differing opinions before, we managed to co-exist and love each other. I never felt that he loves me less when I came out as an atheist.  I even felt his support when a few of my Facebook friends bashed me personally when I posted statuses that are against their beliefs.

It was actually not an issue in our relationship that we have different worldviews.  I also never directly approached him to change his. Thus, when he told our OB that he is an Agnostic, I was pleasantly surprised.

My life partner has been listening to me all these years. He doesn’t only listen but he truly understands why I became an Agnostic Atheist. He feels the depth of my sentiments and truly symphatizes with my arguments. He understands the logic and rationality why I abandoned the myths of the Catholic religion.

I am now in tears while writing this blog post. Someday our child, baby Marley, will read this and he/she will know that his/her parents truly love each other. And, whatever the future brings, this is one of my most unforgettable life experiences that I will treasure until my very last breath.

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Tarot Reading

That was the very first time that my half-cooked brain had successfully convinced the skeptic side of me to try tarot reading. I’m talking about last Saturday when I met this group of individuals who are into paranormal stuffs. These people are into things that interest me a lot. Matters and non-matters beyond normal has intrigued me ever since, and it’s really great to meet humans with the same line of interest.

To be honest, that was the very first time I heard of the word “Wiccan”. I checked it out online and found out that this word refers to people who practice herbal healing and benign witchcraft. We all know witchcraft for sure. From all those witches we saw in movies and comic strips(and those stories my great father told me about our witch neighbor). They always belong to the dark side, and if you think of a witch, the common image that would float on your bloody head is definitely of that of a wrinkled old woman, with a long pointed nose, a very long and gray hair, wearing a black robe, black hat and a broomstick and with those menacing blood-red eyes that would surely scare the shit out of you.

Well, the above graphical description is definitely too good for cinematic purposes. Wiccan is a sort of religion as what one told me when I asked her about it. It’s a way of life and it’s more on getting intimate with nature. Others are into feng shui, palm reading, astrology, sorcery, shamanism, ghost hunting, and a lot more paranormal stuffs that are not familiar to me. Madam Dulce, a professor from UP-Tacloban was also with us. She’s a self-confessed witch and she said that her being a witch is hereditary. Her confession made me really curious about her.

Anyways, I tried tarot reading, and the very first tarot reader that I approached really hit it straight. All his readings are very true, but my ever skeptic head doesn’t want to let it go that easy. If all his readings are true then that must be credited to the fact that I try to relate his readings to things that are currently happening in my life. Or maybe, the cards are really saying the truth. But, I guess it really doesn’t matter which is which.

And then, I tried another reading. The results of this one disappointment me a lot. The reading is based on my self-thought questions that are answerable with a yes or no. Of all three questions that I made two had answers of NO and the other one was MAYBE. I felt a little depressed. Maybe is definitely a No. I really don’t understand myself why the reading results affected me so much. I guess I was too consumed with my emotional dilemma that time that I forgot that I should not take the readings seriously.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

with Madam Dulce

with Madam Dulce



Click here for more photos.  Photo Credit: CPS

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