Does Britney Spears really has a Bipolar Disorder?

Well, if she has, she must be under a really good medication, for she’s kickingĀ  her ass off again in the recently held 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. In the recently concluded video awards, Brit made a victorious comeback. She just won three Moonmen. These includes Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best […]

Local Racism

Hmmn…I’ve read an article a long time ago entitled “Racism, Filipino Style” from It is written by a guy named Benigno. The article is quite sarcastic in nature but surprisingly it is mostly true to almost all Filipinos. He rants about Filipinos getting scared of going abroad because of racial discrimination without taking into […]

Sara’s dead…):

I‘m quite disappointed that the production team had finally decided the fate of Dr. Sara Tacredi…It’s disheartening that they have no other choice but to kill her character because Sarah Wayne Callies declined the offer to renew her contract…hmmmn….sayang…murag makawa ug gana motan-aw…beset oist…Anyways, here’s an excerpt an interview with Prison Break executive producer Matt […]