Does Britney Spears really has a Bipolar Disorder?

Well, if she has, she must be under a really good medication, for she’s kicking  her ass off again in the recently held 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

In the recently concluded video awards, Brit made a victorious comeback. She just won three Moonmen. These includes Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. These are all for her hit “Piece of Me“. These are actually her first wins in VMA history.

Aside from that, she had also delivered high ratings to MTV. According to LA Times, Britney Spears worked her magic for the show even without a performance. More than 8.4 million viewers watched the three-hour music event, which is a 19% increase over the last year’s viewership.

Britney has just made her real comeback, and there are no other people who are more delighted, than her fans. She actually dedicates her awards to them. But, some are still wondering if this will be for good. Is she psychologically sound enough to handle her career? How about her rumored mental illness? Is she really a bipolar?

According to John M. Grohol, a psychologist, Britney Spears may have a Bipolar Disorder. A bipolar disorder is a serous mental disorder characterized by mood swings between extreme depression and mania (i.e. from extreme happiness to extreme sadness). When this is left untreated, those people with this disorder can go back and forth between these two extremes.

This rumored mental illness actually appeared after the dispute over Brit’s custody of her sons against her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. I think she’s just being over emotional because her ex-hubby is trying to take her children away from her. Federline took advantage of her ex-wife’s weakness, and may had invented stories that could give him more authority over their children. And he did succeeded. Well, he should do his best to maintain a connection with Britney, since without her, he will lose his status as a celebrity.   And mind you, Brit is filthy rich.   And having her children in his custody means a stable fountain flow of dollars.

I guess people should not believe everything they read or watch in the news right away. Popular people like Britney Spears, is the media’s favorite target of topic exaggeration, for they can attract massive attention, which means higher profits and income. We should be more vigilant on how we process the informations we receive everyday, because not all of them are based from facts.

Bipolar or not, Britney has proved her prowess once and again in the pop music world.

N.B: I wrote this topic due to Maybel’s request.

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You can download Britney’s Piece of Me mp3 here

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  1. Avatar eksith

    It takes a certain personality to do well as Britney does.

    Some people have this from birth and, unfortunately, others have to cultivate it as young adults. It takes an enormous strain to maintain it afterwards.

    What you saw are the results of that façade crack under a not so innocent group of fans as well as the media. After all, the media loves to make celebrities and enjoys even more when they bring them down. And who feeds the media? Us.

    I will say that her family has been less than forthcoming when rushing to her aid.

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