Guest Post

Yes, you read this right.  I now accept guest posts from fellow bloggers and even from company writers or PR firms who wanted to publish their recent stories or articles here.  Publishing works from other talented people here on my blog is something I’ve been wanting to do.

Guest Posting is beneficial to both parties and most especially to guest bloggers or writers.  Aside from creating better and more quality contents, guest posting is important for your website’s link-building needs.

Before submitting anything, kindly read the Guest Post Submission Guidelines below.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1. Contents – I prefer articles with topics related to Cebu or of news of any happenings or events in Cebu.  But, I also accept articles with topics under the following categories: News, Technology, Blogging, Entertainment, Health, Foods, & Places.

2. Article Length – Post should not be lesser than 350 words but should not exceed 800 words.

3. Originality – Post should be original and has NOT been submitted anywhere else.  Plagiarized articles will not be accepted.

4. Back-links – Two back-links are allowed per post.

5. Author – All posts should have an author byline.  This byline should tell something about the author/writer/blogger.

If you think you have an article that’s worth publishing here on my blog and it meets the guidelines above, kindly send it to my email empressofdrac(@)gmail(.)com.  You can include the post on the body of the email itself , or as a .doc attachment.

All guest post submissions will be checked weekly so expect a reply or feedback every weekend.  If you’re post is getting rejected, I will email you the reasons and what you need to do so that it will be published.