Comment Policy

Thanks for giving a bit of your time to read this page.  For those who don’t know, this blog is already DoFollow.  And since this is already DoFollow, I need to set rules to avoid abuse especially from spammers whose only intention is to promote their links without giving any real contribution.

Rule #1: Don’t comment if you don’t have anything worthy to post.  Before commenting, please try to read the entire post first so that you will have the best idea how to make a worthy discussion.

Rule #2: Comments which are not related to the blog post will automatically be deleted.  I can smell spam even a mile away.  Believe me. (:

Rule #3: I don’t approve comments with links to porn, tobacco, and gambling or casino websites.

Rule #4: I allow keywords user-names as long as your comment has value and in line with the blog entry.  A 3-sentenced comment is more preferable than a one-liner.

Rule #5: Link-dropping is only allowed if it is needed.  Dropping links just for the purpose of advertising links will automatically be deleted and your IP will be banned forever.

The above rules can be changed without prior notice. Happy blogging and let’s make the Blogosphere a better place for everyone.  Cheers! (: