Automation Might Cause Massive Job Loss to BPO Workers by 2024

According to Cebu Daily News, around 800,000 could lose jobs in the next three to five years, unless workers learn or upgrade new and existing skills.

Christopher Monterola, a professor of Asian Institute of Management said that, the emergence of artificial intelligence would have negative impact on jobs including the ones in the BPO industry.

Monterola cited that based on a survey, 49 percent of country’s labor force must be re skilled or up-skilled to survive the emerging artificial intelligence. He pointed out that among the important segment of society that probably will be very critical are BPOs. The top three sector that would be affected are agriculture, construction and door to door sales workers.

Today’s generation is marked as an age of knowledge and information because of the internet. Nowadays, it is easier to learn and acquire new skills. Acquiring new skills is a must to stay ahead of job demands. Technology has been very advanced and people need to be up to date with new skill set to avoid unemployment.

Here are a few new skills that anyone can learn on their own :

Software Development

It is the process of conceiving, designing, specifying, documenting and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining application framework or other software components.

Content Writing

It involves providing relevant content for websites. A good content writer should have the ability to communicate, meet deadlines and has a strong research skill.

Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a web page to search engine users.

Social Media Marketing

It is a form of internet marketing that utilizes social media platforms to help a company increase brand exposure.

Check and consider these skills and hone them. We should stay relevant and agile for better chances of keeping our jobs.

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