The Travel Routines of the Most Successful Humans

Putting up a new venture and running a business demand tremendous amounts of discipline and efficiency. After all, there is a lot at stake when you are doing business: the capital invested, the jobs of your employees, your dreams, and so on. Add to this pressure the constant demand for entrepreneurs and businessmen to travel.

According to the Global Business Traveler Association, business travelers go on an average of 268 miles per business trip. If the trip requires flights, this figure can skyrocket up to 954 miles. The association also revealed that business travelers spend an average of two overnight stay each month. Despite this, business travelers emerge as successful in their endeavors. If you have been wondering about the travel routines of successful people, look no further. Read on and learn from the travel habits of business travelers.


They Plan Their Itinerary According to Their Goals for the Trip

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Yes, traveling is fun, but one must admit that it consumes time, money, and energy. Business travelers very well know this fact so they strive to make the trip count. Days — or even weeks or months — before the trip, they schedule the meetings that they need to attend and the tasks on their to-do list. More importantly, they do the best that they can to stick to it.


They Do Their Research

With countless hotels and flights to book, it can be very easy to get lost in travel planning. After mapping out their objectives for the trip, business travelers make sure to do their homework. They scour offers and deals from top-notch accommodation at convenient locations to restaurants that give them the most value for their money.


They Leave Room for Rest and Relaxation

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While business travelers have well-planned schedules, they also include time for leisure and spontaneous fun. For instance, if their business meeting takes place somewhere near a beach, they indulge themselves, especially when they are done with their tasks. Aside from enjoying their stay, they get to reap the health benefits of going to the beach, which can do wonders for their physical and mental wellbeing.


They Create — and Stick to — Their Budget

Again, it is easy to lose focus, especially when it comes to handling finances. However, hardworking business travelers know how painstaking it can be to earn money. With this, even if they can afford everything that they want, they weigh their options and go for smart, practical choices.


They Prepare Things that They Will Need

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Business travelers need to stay on top of everything that they do so they never leave without making sure they are prepared for the trip. Aside from their smartphones, laptops, clothes, and toiletries, they always bring with them their powerbank, hard drive for their files, hotspot for internet connectivity, and headphones for media files. They also pack according to their unique circumstances like if they take certain medications.


They Tote Around a Notebook or a Note-taking Device

Business travelers learn and generate a ton of ideas from their trips. Instead of letting these fade away, they take notes of it on their preferred tool. They have also developed an organized way of note taking so they can quickly jot down important points from a discussion. More importantly, they review their notes, analyze or reflect on it, and try if they could put the brilliant ideas into action.

They Harness the Power of Apps

Technology, when used properly, can significantly make people go about their routines in the most efficient manner. With this in mind, business travelers use their smartphones and tablets to their advantage. This tech-savvy pack knows the best business travel apps to get the work done — TripIt to organize their bookings, PassBook to board using their smartphones, CudaSign or HelloSign to digitally sign documents, and so much more.


They Travel Responsibly

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Business people, being representatives of their brand, need to protect their public image, especially when they go outside their office. Aside from this, business travelers who firmly believe in their corporate social responsibility know all too well that their activities have an impact. With this, they strive to hold themselves in conscientious conduct by following rules and procedures, respecting different customs, valuing the host community’s environment, and so on.


They Take Care of Themselves

Conferences to attend, clients to meet, paperwork to review, a composed and confident image to project — doing all of this and more after long hours of travel can be really exhausting. In order to perform at their very best, business travelers look after their health. Doing this includes eating right, avoiding alcohol especially before a big presentation, and seeking medical help if they feel something wrong.


They Maintain Their Focus

With a thousand items in their jam-packed schedule, these successful people simply cannot afford to lose focus as one wrong move could result in a disaster for their business. While the long stretches of travel can cloud one’s capability to make sound decisions, business travelers have their tried-and-tested methods to clear up their mind. They also do not simply throw caution to the winds and should they have confusing encounters, they step back to think things more thoroughly.


They Track Their Progress at the End of the Day

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Completing the cycle that started from planning their itinerary according to their goals, business travelers see to it that they review what they have done during the day. Aside from crossing off accomplished items on their list, they reflect on how things could be improved. Moreover, they start planning their to-do list for the following day.


It is often said that traveling is the only thing that you buy that can make you richer. Couple that with keeping these tips in mind so you can emerge as a more efficient individual. Take it from business travelers with lots of things to do on top of having to endure long hours on end. Incorporate these habits of successful people when traveling into your own routine and get started on a more proficient and happier you.

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