Top 10 Things I Love About Pitogo Island (Photos)

After over a year of residing in that quaint and laid-back island, I can honestly say that I won’t be easily impressed anymore if I’ll see any other smaller islands in the country.

While writing this blog post, I’m currently preparing to travel to Batanes with my friend.  We booked a homestay accommodation in Basco for 7 days but I’m not sure if we will stick with that schedule.  I prefer to stay longer.

While I was researching for blog reviews about Batanes and was checking a lot of photos of the place, I can’t help but noticed that the sceneries are moderately similar to what I see there in Pitogo Island. Mounds of green hills, islets here and there, and the open sea.

Moto hills in Pitogo Island Bohol

That photo above was taken at Moto, one of the best parts of Pitogo Island wherein you can take great photos of the hills and the surrounding islets.  I’m sure those rolling hills in Batanes are more picturesque and have better landscape but this view from Moto hill is also nostalgic.

I actually feel a bit sad when I hear some people there who complained how boring the island is and that there’s nothing much to see.  I would love to share my thoughts with them and show them that their island has the nicest sceneries and they should be proud that they live there.

Below are the top 10 things that I love about Pitogo and I encourage curious backpackers to explore it if they have the time.

1. Going for a Picnic in Moto

Moto 2 - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

It’s nicer to go there when sunset is coming.  If you have a DSLR camera, the better.  This photo was taken by a point and shot camera only, thus the quality of the image is not that high.

2. Passing by this Farm Going to Tugas

Tugas - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

Every time we go to Tugas, I always peek at this little farm by the road.  I always see myself living in a farm rearing cattles, pigs, and goats during my golden years.  The smell of the the grass and the stink of the manure are like perfume to my lungs. Lols!

3. Commuting to Ubay via Pump-boat

Motor Boat - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia BoholCommuting without noise and air pollution.  Less than 5-minute travel from Popoo to Ubay in this small boat.  The only main downside is the waiting time.  The boat doesn’t go if the passenger count won’t reach 10.

4. The Serene Ambiance in their New Cemetery

Cemetery 2 - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

Cemetery - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

Not much to see but I still love this place.  Weird, right? I think cemeteries are among the quietest and safest places on earth.  This is a serene place wherein you can meditate, ruminate, or sometimes you can also get the worst err the best photo for a jump shot. (:

Cemetery Pitogo Island Bohol - JumpShot Final

Yeah, the best jump shot ever. Lol!

5. Biking to Bonbonon

Bonbonon - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia BoholI had so much memories in this side of the island.  Fainted a few times and got into an accident once.  But, if you are into mountain biking, the trail there is quite challenging.  Of course, that’s from a neophyte perspective. (;

6. Paddle Boarding in Aguining

Paddle Boarding Aguining - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

Paddle Boarding Failed - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia BoholThese photos are quite memorable.  Aguining is the side of the island wherein the road is very steep and quite dangerous during rainy season.  Still, it’s the only place in the island wherein you can find a fish sanctuary, an ideal place to snorkel and go for scuba diving in the nearby islets.

There’s also a beach resort in there wherein you can rent a paddle board and enjoy the rest of the day in the water.

7. Snorkeling in Pong Gamay

Snorkeling at Pong Gamay

Pong Gamay is one of the very few islets that surround Pitogo Island.  Though there’s no white sands in there, the clearness of the water would surely convince you to swim despite the very hot weather.  Of course, you can also snorkel since schools of fishes are just nearby.

Pumpboat going to Pong Gamay - Pitogo Island Bohol

View of Pong Gamay from our pump boat.

8. Chilling at Kabangkalan

Kabangkalan Beach Pitogo Island Bohol

One of the biggest downsides in Pitogo Island is it does not have a lot of white sands.  Most of the beaches are filled with rocks like that in the photo below.  There’s only a small strip of white sands in Pong Dako, the islet which I haven’t checked yet.

Kabangkalan Beach 2 Pitogo Island Bohol

Kabangkalan is also located in Aguining area but its road is safer compared to the other Aguining beach I mentioned earlier.  It’s ideal for a family weekend getaway.

9.  No Pollution and Traffic

Biking in Moto Pitogo Island Bohol

Of course, this is the main reason why I love Pitogo Island.  It is far away from anything toxic.  The air is fresh, the lifestyle is laid back, no noise pollution, no traffic, and most of the people there don’t know me.  I always believe that there’s freedom in anonymity. (:

10. Fresh Seafoods

Mud Crab - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

Big SeaShells - Pitogo Island President Carlos P Garcia Bohol

I guess I have to write a separate blog post for this since there are so much to tell about my seafood adventure in Pitogo Island.  It was there that I learned to love eating “wood-like seashells” (Wasay-wasay) and “Tuyom” (Sea Urchin),  the type of exotic sea foods that I don’t even expect to like. (:

This list is for sure not a complete one.  I still have a lot to say, a lot to express, a lot to share. I hope I can find more time to write another long blog post like this one.

Until next time! Namaste!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Love About Pitogo Island (Photos)

  1. Hey there,Agnes.

    Ha!I feel guilty while reading this as I’m one of those who find my birthplace boring lol.Whenever I’m in the country I end up spending most of my time either in Cebu or Manila and regret it once I’m back to my gypsy life. 😀
    Beautiful photos by the way.I’m looking forward of going home soon and hopefully I’ll stay longer and won’t feel the itch of getting back into the city.

  2. Hi Agnes , I am happy to read your article and see that some one else appreciate the beauty of Pitogo. My wife comes from Petogo an I see Petogo one of the most beautiful places on Earth, people are paying lot of money to go to exotic places like that and yet Pitogo is not very well known.
    I see that people living there they don’t appreciate what they have.
    I communicate with my wife’s relatives there and I am sad when I see that they live in Cebu or Tagbilaran, I would be proud to say that I live in Pitogo.

  3. I really appreciate your beautiful memorable post in our mother land Pres. C.P. Garcia Bohol I belong to Tugas area where my beloved past lolo alvin centino and my lola lola living during my childhood and I really mis them…thank you for the memorable place you have post….

  4. Hi Agnes…your blog helps a lot..
    It’s just like promoting Pitogo..
    I’m from Aguining..have u tried FISH SAFARI??.its great!!!
    We, in the local government, promotes our tourism thru sir Glenn..we have photos taken from Tilmobo Island’s pride (the enchanting caves) and the “Batarya” of Butan..and a lot more..

  5. hey, Hi. I just want to say that I,m from Pitogo and there are pictures in your website, places actually that I’ve never visited before because um…
    I’m kinda young those days and I’m not too familiar with the place.
    But now that Im 17 the next time I will visit “My Mother’s homeland” Im gonna walk to these places where you will find peace and harmony.

  6. 🙂 I just wonder why we havn’t appreciated this landmarks. It might be due to over-familiarization. For first timers, surely this will be eye catching. If you may, I can lead you to places in this island where more sites requires time and effort to discover but once you discover it, you will surely be awed by its mystique, unique, namesake of our eldest son (+), virgin and soul searching beauty.

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