UPelikula 2015 Calls Out Aspiring Film-makers and Video Producers

Do you love creating videos and films? Are you aspiring to become a film-maker? Then you might be interested to join UPelikula 2015, a film-making contest that is launched by UP Cebu’s Mass Communication program.

UPelikula 2015 calls out aspiring film-makers and video producers to join this year’s video production contest.  Prizes include Php10,000 (plus trophy and certificate) for the Grand Awardee and Php3,000.00 (plus trophy and certificate) to the Special Awardee.  Deadline for entries will be on March 25, 2015.  For submission inquiries contact entries.upelikula@gmail.com or you may contact the organizers via Twitter and Facebook.

What is UPelikula’s Mission?

UP Cebu’s Mass Communication program launches this year’s UPelikula themed “Lantawa, Paminawa, Pamati-a”.

On its fourth run, the Organizing Committee kept the doors wide open for anyone who aspires to be part of the film-making industry.

UPelikula is a video productions contest that aims to put the spotlight on talented amateurs and video artists who go often unnoticed by the general public. UPelikula hopes to be a stepping stone in bringing Filipino Art to the world.

The theme of this year’s UPelikula “Lantawa, Paminawa, Pamati-a” is a direct Cebuano translation of “See it, Hear it, Feel it.” Films are meant to be seen, heard, and felt, same way to the oppressed, marginalized and underprivileged.

This year’s UPelikula wants to have a purpose: to take time and notice the oppressed the same way we take time to appreciate films. The only way to develop is to face the problem, and to face the problem, we have to see, to listen, and to feel the demanding society around us.

Guidelines and Other Infos

To find out more about UPelikula 2015, kindly read the official guidelines below on how to join the contest.  Good luck!

UPelikula Film Making Contest 2015 copy

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