How to Move Into a House without Breaking the Bank

How to Move Into a House without Breaking the Bank

Moving can be a costly endeavor, even if you try to do most of the moving yourself. After all, there are so many details to be tended to, many of which cost something. For instance, the process of turning off utilities at the old place usually incurs a fee, as does turning on utilities at the new one. With this in mind, it helps to know what while there are some financial aspects of moving that just can’t be helped (you need lights, right?!), there are some other ways you can mitigate the cost of moving so that it doesn’t break the bank (not even your personal piggy bank). Consider some tips to take you in the right direction:

Pack yourself

Yes, it would save a ton of time to have a moving company come and pack for you, but they often add on this service for an arm and a leg. Avoid this by having over a few close family members and friends for a packing party. For the prices of a few pizzas and a bottle or two of wine, you can solicit some help to get your stuff into boxes without paying the high cost for a moving company to do it.  However, if you are going to use one is a cheap mover.

Move at an off-peak time of year

Peak moving season is during the summer, when many people try to relocate without the hassle of school and during work vacations. Avoid this by moving in the middle of the year. Rates to move may be much lower at this point of the year.

Transport your vehicle

This applies for those who own cars or any types of vehicles.  This may seem like an unnecessary cost, but sometimes, time is money and there are many other things that you can do to get your move running more efficiency than driving your vehicle to the new destination. Instead, this is one area where you can get a great deal and take this off of your to-do list. Ask about a first-time transport discount if this is your first time transporting a vehicle; many companies will give you a break, even if they don’t have an existing program. Moreover, you can often get a great deal on packaging auto transport with other moving services to avoid paying too much more out of pocket for your vehicle to be moved.  Contact for all your car shipping needs.

Do the house prep yourself

Oftentimes, when moving into a new place, the landlord or former owners will go to great lengths to have it cleaned for you. However, this often comes at a cost. Instead, opt to do a lot of the work yourself. Forgo the added charge to cut the lawn, clean the cupboards and replace the floor-mats and take the do-it-yourself approach. Have the local neighbor’s kid clean the front-yard and backyard for a fraction of the cost and clean the house from top to bottom, room by room when you move in. You may be surprised by how these small cuts to your moving budget can save you money significantly when you move into a new home.

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