Prepping Tip: How to Make Your Food Storage Planning Fun and More Enjoyable

N.B.: Prepping should always be a part of our daily chores.  I’m not obsessed with what they called TEOTWAWKI or “ISHTF”.  This blog is more on practical prepping to be ready to life’s emergencies such as job loss and natural disasters.  Here in the Philippines the very basic thing most people should be prepared of is to fight hunger.  The very reason my country is still part of the world’s developing nations is the fact that until now we haven’t solved the problem of hunger and poverty yet.  You can only make people do lots of great things if their stomachs are full.  The guest article below is for my fellow countrymen.

Trying to start your own food storage? Or maybe you’re quite experienced in that area, but you need a little boost to keep going? In all reality, building and rotating your food storage is a bit of a task, but it is well worth it to be prepared and have peace of mind. However, just because it is a big job doesn’t mean food storage can’t be fun. So what are some ways to make food storage more like a hobby and less like a chore? Here are just a few tips to make it a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family.

Make a Week of It

Often, many of us get a pretty good food storage going and then leave it to rot. Many times, we end up throwing away our food before we use it. One way to avoid this, and even more importantly, learn how to use the food we have obtained is to live off of it for a week. Make it a challenge. You could even have a competition with other families if you want. See if you can live off of only the items in your food storage for an entire week. This will help you find recipes to try, so you can see what works and what doesn’t. What’s more is the fact that you’ll actually learn how to use items like rice; whereas, right now you might only know it’s something on the food storage list of “must-haves” but have no idea what to do with it. So get creative and challenge yourself!

Look for Good Deals

Another good way to make food storage a bit more fun is to challenge yourself (and perhaps make it a competition once again with good friends who are doing the same thing) to find one food storage item a week (or month, depending on what you can do.) Make the challenge be to find the best deal you can, which would mean shopping around and comparing prices. By doing this, you can keep a bit more in the bank and make the food shopping a competition, even though in the end, it really is a team effort because everyone wins.

Creatively Store Your Food Storage

If you’re like many people, you simply don’t have enough space for all your food storage items. They definitely take up a lot of room quickly. A fun way to make food storage more enjoyable is to find creative places to put that food storage. Make it a family event! Many recommend putting cans underneath beds, behind couches, or even making a secret compartment on closet floors to create a sort of faux floor. Some even make coffee tables or end tables out of food storage and put a tasteful tablecloth over it. Nobody even knows the difference.

These are just a few ways to make your food storage experience a bit more enjoyable. Most importantly, choose to make it fun by getting the whole family, and perhaps a few friends, involved. As you do, you will also enjoy the fact that you are all a bit more prepared and self-reliant, and you are enjoying yourselves in the process.

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Jerry Winters is a freelance writer and expert in outdoor survival and food storage.

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  1. I love the part about being creative and finding places to store food. As a college student, I know all too much about being creative. In desk drawers, in the dresser, under the bed, in the closet…you get the hint haha

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