Frugal Living Tip: Saving Money by Buying and Storing Bulk Foods

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Often times, with the busy lives that many people live now, not much thought is put into grocery shopping. Most people will make a quick run to the grocery store on their way home from work for that night’s dinner, or worse yet, will pick up high-fat take-out food. Without realizing it, all this one-stop meal pickups can add up to a large amount of money being spent on food.

Plan Ahead

Even if you can take some time and write down all the essentials that you and your family need, you can save money. Once you have this list, you can purchase food in bulk to eliminate those frequent trips to the grocery store or drive-thru establishments. By planning ahead, you will also never have to worry about what is for dinner, or if you have enough meals for the weekend. You will also be prepared in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Convenience of Buying in Bulk

You can buy mostly any item in bulk. If you buy frozen chicken or fish, many stores that sell in bulk will have each piece of meat individually sealed so it will last longer in your freezer. You can purchase frozen fruit and vegetables to always have a healthy snack or side dish. Even cereals and commonly used items, such as seasonings and oil, have a long shelf-life and are great items to buy in bulk. You will be amazed at how little you need to travel to the grocery store.

Storing Bulk Food

There are some foods that you may buy in bulk that have to be re-packaged. You can simply use plastic bags with a tight seal to preserve the freshness of your food if you have to split it into smaller portions. You also want to store your food in a dry, cool place to preserve its shelf-life. If you are buying bulk food for emergency use as well, ensure that you rotate your food supply so you will always have a fresh supply of food.

Saving Money

Buying food in bulk will allow you to make fewer trips to the grocery store or nearest convenience store, thereby saving on fare or gas. Also, if you stop at convenience stores, you are more likely to pay double the price you would pay if you bought the items in bulk ahead of time. By buying in bulk, you can also cook meals ahead of time, saving money from dining out too often.

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