How to Prepare for a Super Typhoon

Note: As of this writing, super typhoon Pablo is currently spotted at 50 km Eastern Coast of Davao Oriental. Check hourly updates here.

Screenshot from PAGASA

Another super typhoon is now rummaging the Philippine shores, and it is expected to hit Cebu this evening. Other provinces in Mindanao and Visayas were already reported having storm alert signals of 2 and 3. Cebu is currently under signal number 1. But, despite this warning, there are very little signs that can be seen that a super typhoon is coming. As much as I can remember, this will be my second experience of enduring a super typhoon after Ruping in 1990 (I was still a preschooler at that time).

I went to the city yesterday along with my boyfriend (as he was scheduled to undergo a minor surgery but the surgeon whom his boss referred to him was not around). So we just went to the mall and bought a few emergency supplies. People at the hardware store inside SM City were busy buying emergency lights and other necessary tools like ropes, flashlights, boots, and the like. Though this is the atmosphere inside the Hardware store, people outside were actually not that worried as the weather is so fine – clear skies and the sun was shining intensely.

When we arrived at our apartment early this evening, I checked the skies and I can clearly see the stars. It’s really weird as Cebu is already under storm signal number 1. There’s no rain shower or dark clouds. This makes me worried a bit as this is my first time preparing for an impending calamity without my parents.

How to Prepare for a Super Typhoon

Here are some good online resources you can read on how to prepare before a super typhoon strikes.

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Hope these links are of help to everyone. I’m still praying that the eye of the storm will just “TIPAS” and will go directly to the ocean and will disappear.

Keep on checking the PAGASA website to have an updated report about the typhoon.

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