How Much I Save from Metro Gaisano’s 1-Day Crazy Sale

My grocery shopping early this morning was greeted by mobs of shoppers in Gaisano Metro. I have no idea that they were having a 1-Day Crazy Sale. I had a moment of doubts if I will go in or not as I really hate doing grocery with lots of people bumping on me and the never ending lines in the counters – really a mood changer.

For me, grocery shopping is like a therapeutic routine task. I really, really feel good when I’m looking, choosing, and buying the items in my list, and, if I only have a source of never ending cash, I will do grocery shopping the whole day until my feet hurt (LOL!). That’s how much I love it MINUS the mobs of shoppers and long lines, of course.

Eighteen Pesos

That’s the amount that I managed to save after buying two items that were on sale. I had sale discounts for the canned goods and the vegetable oil. (Tip: Be sure to check the expiration date before buying any on sale items.)

I can’t help but chuckled at how petty it is but when I give it a second thought, Php18 ($ .44) is never a petty amount. If in a year, Metro Gaisano will have a grocery sale 24 times (and let’s just say I keep on saving Php18 from every sale) then I will have a total annual savings of Php432 ($10.8). That can already pay two and a half months of water bills. Just imagine two months of not worrying how to pay for water. (Note to foreign readers: Cost of living here in the Philippines is very low compared to cost of living in Western or European countries.)

Avoiding Processed and Sugary Foods

When I entered the grocery section leading to where I get my bothane gas, the items below were screaming “BUY ME! I’m On Sale! Buy ME!” As usual before I could think, I already have 2 bundles in my cart but before I can push my cart to the bothane gas section, I quickly returned them and never look back.

I have high sugar level and I know fully well that I’m a potential candidate for diabetes. My Lola (grandmother) and Tiyo (uncle) are both diabetics. My uncle got his leg amputated, and then eventually died. My Lola is still currently suffering from it. This blogger, on the other hand, is trying her best to lessen her sugar intake and she surprisingly manages to enjoy eating half-cooked ampalaya (bitter melon) every breakfast.

Oops, before I’ll end this post, here’s a photo of the busy counters. That’s just the right-end corner; the busiest were those ones in the main aisle.

How much or what have you saved from your grocery shopping this weekend? Share them by commenting below. (:

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