Choi City: A High-Class yet Affordable Chinese Seafood Restaurant for Cebuanos

Cebuanos love Chinese cuisines, the very reason why there are lots of Chinese restaurants that can be found in the city.  Unfortunately, though there are many places to go to if you want to eat Chinese foods, there are just a very few that offer authentic Chinese dishes as most of them fall in the fast-food chain category.

My Newly Discovered Chinese Seafood Resto

Classy, warm, festive…these are the first three adjectives that came to mind when I stepped into Choi City, a Chinese seafood restaurant that offers authentic Cantonese cuisine.  But, it’s not the ambiance that made a lasting impression on me – it’s the customer service and the VIP treatment, and of course the exquisite dishes that were meticulously prepared and served.

Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

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In Cebu, there are only a very few restaurants that offer authentic Cantonese dishes.  Choi City brings the popular Hongkong taste directly to the picky palates of Cebuanos.  This is made possible by their four super chefs headed by Executive Chef Siu Bing and three others from famous restaurants in Hongkong and China.

What makes Cantonese stands out from the wide variety of Chinese foods out there?  It’s on how this kind of foods are prepared and cooked.  Cantonese cuisines are prepared properly using fresh ingredients.  They are cooked through boiling, stir frying, steaming, charcoal grilling, and double boiling.  Most often, Cantonese foods are cooked meticulously to retain its natural flavors and only a modest amount of seasonings is used to avoid intensifying the flavors of the ingredients.

Roast Layered Pork: My Personal Favorite

Though most of my friends love the Braised Abalone and Lobster, my picky palates and taste buds couldn’t help but fell in love with the Roast Layered Pork among all the dishes that were served on our table.  It is roasted into perfection and is unforgettable because its meat is non-greasy yet juicy and tender, and it has a scrumptious crispy skin to die for.  I’m not exaggerating, but I can dine there and just eat as many servings of the dish and I won’t even take a second look at other dishes.  I’m such a pork lover. (:  Check photos of our dinner here.

Choi City Offers Authentic Chinese Dishes at Affordable Prices

At first glance, you would never think that Choi City, despite having an ambiance of a high-class restaurant, is also offering affordable menu for Cebuanos who don’t want to spend too much.  Though expensive seafood dishes are available for patrons who are seafood lovers, there are also additional options for those ones with limited budget.

What Other Cebuanos are saying?

Below is a testimonial video documenting what other Cebuanos are saying about Choi City.

Other than that, here are some actual testimonials from food bloggers all over Cebu.

… the Choi City version of the classic Shabu Shabu, infusing it with an exquisite, addictive secret broth that can leave you craving for more. –

For sure, families and groups of friends could enjoy bonding time over a shabu-shabu buffet. Having a remarkable meal with your family or friends around you is the kind of thing that would help you make a great memory together. –

The place may look like that of a high-end restaurant and so is the food but the price considering everything that I have mentioned, is actually affordable. According to the owners, the Choi City food served anywhere else tastes in the same way as in Cebu’s Choi branch. The management guaranteed that they welcome everyone and they serve everyone in the same way. –

Visit Choi City at G/F South Arcade, Banilad Town Centre, Banilad Cebu City.  They also accept bookings for meetings, conferences, and parties.  Call 239-0800 or 239-0999.  You can visit their Facebook fan page at or follow their Twitter account @choi_city.

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  1. Briliant reviews for Choi City! Must be refereshing to hear the feedback from clients enjoying your excellent food!

  2. Wow, the reporter in the video are hot heheehh

    And nice food their, it make me so hungry now==#”””””””!!!!!!!

  3. What I didn’t realize was how much better Asian food could be than what my experience of it was. A lot of Chinese cuisine in America is actually nothing like the traditional style. It is much too greasy, and dominated by a simple array of flavors that doesn’t really capture the complexity of Asian cooking.:

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