Tulfo vs. Santiago: Who Should be Blamed?

Note:  This is a Guest Post by Nicole S.

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An overwhelmingly hot topic right now is the fist fight between celebrity Raymart Santiago and columnist Mon Tulfo. Controversial videos were posted in YouTube that spread like wild fire and are really the talk of the town. The fight is so real and intense that the incident became an instant hit in the metro, and even compared to the Cotto and Mayweather fight, which was considered to be better! Now that is a comparison right?

The Incident

The summary of the incident is that celebrity couples Raymart and Claudine together with their children came from Boracay aboard a Cebu Pacific plane that arrived on NAIA Terminal 3, while Mon Tulfo came from Davao and also arrived on the same terminal as the Santiagos. The main reason for the whole start of the brawl came from Claudine, as she was seen in a mad state, mocking and cursing Cebu Pacific staffs Charisse Bocboc and Kristine Anne Ilagan. The reason for Claudine’s outburst was that their baggage was offloaded in Caticlan and they were not informed about it, and to make matters worst, she claims that it is not even sure when will their baggage arrive in NAIA. Here comes the Tulfo part, as Mon was seen by the Santiago’s capturing Claudine’s moments of outburst. Immediately, Raymart and Claudine took offense and tried to grab Mon Tulfo’s cellular phone to prevent Mon from using the alleged video that he captured using it. Of course Mon prevented the Santiago’s from getting a hold of his phone, and then here came the exciting brawl!

The video clearly depicts Raymart and Claudine, together with a companion Eduardo Atilano, beating Mon Tulfo to the ground. This brawl was captured and was seen across the internet and television for the whole nation to see. The whole incident happened on Cebu Pacific’s complaint desk. Because of this, both sides filed legal complaints against each other, including the 2 flight staffs that were mocked by Claudine.

Opinions about the situation happened in NAIA

There are a lot of versions about the incident. That Mon allegedly kicked Claudine causing a bruise on her leg, while others say that the bruise was caused by random events in the brawl. While Tulfo insists that Claudine forcefully tried to steal his phone and that she was the one who sparked and started the whole incident. To further dissect the incident, let us look into the positive and negative grounds for both parties.

Tulfo’s Positive and Negative Grounds about the Incident

Mon Tulfo might have done the right thing by capturing in video Claudine’s outburst towards the 2 Cebu Pacific staffs as this is evidence that can be used in court. Justice should be served for her mockery but on the flipside, Cebu Pacific should also present their explanation and apologies for the mishandling of the baggage that started this whole incident. Tulfo on other hand breached the Santiago’s privacy and this is clearly a violation of their rights, so he is still accountable for it. Witnesses should be enough to build a case against Claudine, so video evidence may not be that necessary after all.

The Santiago’s Positive and Negative Grounds about the Incident

Raymart and Claudine have every right to take the video captured by Tulfo, but what Claudine did and how she handled the incident about the baggage is clearly wrong. All things can be handled via peaceful and civilized ways and she chose to mock and shout at the crews. Raymart and his companion Eduardo really did the most damage literally, they should just have confronted Mon about the video capturing thing instead of using their fists to settle the issue. As celebrities, Raymart and Claudine should set good examples to the public, but apparently, they did not during that day.

Summing things up, both parties handled the incident the wrong way. For Mon, as an endorser of justice (as what all the other Tulfo’s are doing too), he should just have handled the situation differently, things can be worked out by him being a bridge or a mediator between Claudine and Cebu Pacific, but instead he chose to breach the Santiagos’ privacy which is legally wrong. Raymart and company are really disappointing, as they allowed the world to see violence and uncivilized acts which are in contrast to what they should display in front of the public as celebrities. Cebu Pacific should also ensure that mismanaging and not informing passengers about their luggage should not happen again to prevent future situations like this. All parties should go to court and settle this peacefully, and may this serve as an example to all, more so for NAIA and Cebu Pacific. All parties should be blamed as all played a bad part in the whole incident, hopefully this may be a lesson for all.

Nicole So is a freelance writer, regular runner and a former backpacker. Her hobbies are writing, photography and travelling.

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6 thoughts on “Tulfo vs. Santiago: Who Should be Blamed?

  1. LOL at Miriam Santiago. 😀

    As for the incident, Tulfo was being a jerk reporter looking for the next news. Not really saying that punching the guy was a rational response though.

  2. The Santiago’s Positive and Negative Grounds about the Incident

    Raymart and Claudine have every right to take the video captured by Tulfo,

    -i dont agree with this.being artists they are public property whatever was captured was in PUblic eye..also as a human being you should be able to control your temperament wherever you are, be it in the limelight or elsewhere..

  3. What privacy are you talking about? This incident happen in public area, therefore, the Santiago’s privacy were never violated. Anybody can take pictures, video’s, calls & what have you in public & no permission is needed. So, if Claudine misbehaved then, her consequences was for the public to see the real palengkera she is. Mr. Tulfo did not have to act as mediator kasi he is a journalist not a lawyer & he was acting like an innocent bystander who witness rude & crude behavior. Suck it up Santiago’s. Grow up & admit your mistakes.

  4. For me, it’s the Santiagos’ fault. if they didn’t make a scene, there would be no problem in the first place. Tulfo was just there and as a journalist, will do his job. I guess, even if it’s not Claudine and Raymart, he’ll still do that. What made the situation worse, was when Claudine and Raymart attacked the senior citizen Tulfo. That is uncalled for. Well, that’s just my opinion.

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