I’m In Love with XPERIA!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m one of the thousands of happy and contented Xperia users worldwide and I just simply love my Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro.  It’s my ALL-IN-ONE gadget that I bring anywhere at anytime.

I bought it December of last year and I have no regrets or whatsoever.  Its features and functionalities fit my active and fast-paced lifestyle and it actually had survived my latest Android upgrade.  Isn’t that amazing?

If you love your XPERIA, I invite you to like this page and meet fellow XPERIANs or if you are wanting to have one then you should like this page more to possibly win amazing XPERIA units and other exciting Prizes.

N.B. After liking the I love Xperia Facebook fan page, leave a comment mentioning (using @) I love Xperia and stating Empress Of Drac as your referrer.

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15 thoughts on “I’m In Love with XPERIA!

  1. My husband and I are experia users. We also bought it December last year. So far, so good. No problems yet. The apps from the android market are just what we’re looking for to make our lives easier. What’s nice about it too is that the cool apps are mostly free. We have no plans of changing our phones anytime soon.

  2. Wow, this new year I decided to buy an Xperia for myself, but wondering how is its actual user experience. Read many reviews online. Thanks for sharing your reviews and making me sure of my decision of buy this awesome gadget.

  3. I am planning to get a new android phone this year. I mostly use my phone for work. I am considering the iPhone 4S but will be checking out others to compare. I have heard that a lot of apps for Xperia are free.

  4. This is an amazing phone. I have a big collection of gazets and I love my Xperia the most. Its stylish and sleek looks impresses all.

  5. Very nice! My sister got herself an Xperia a few months back and she loves it. I found the buttons at the bottom a little bit clunky myself though.

  6. My girlfriend had the big version of this phone and she loves it. Even more than my HTC! I think the camera is a huge plus on this phone.

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