How I Lose Weight and Keep It

I know lots of Cebuanas out there have problems with regards to weight loss. I decided to write this entry to share how I manage to lose weight and keep it.

Gaining Weight is Easy – Losing it is Difficult

About 2 years ago, I was really overweight. Most of my dresses were getting tight on me and though I tried to go to the gym, I didn’t see any result. I sometimes get depressed because I feel so ugly and I don’t want to go out. I tried dieting – not eating breakfast or dinner, skipping rice, and a lot of useless stuff but to no avail.

I was not aiming to become super slim like those skeleton-like models in Fashion-TV. All I wanted was to shed some pounds so that I can keep my normal weight and also to avoid health problems that come along with being overweight.

Slimming 18 (Brazilian Coffee)

Believe it or not, for the first time in my life, I followed the advice of my friend and took a Brazilian Coffee which she said is effective in reducing weight.

I’m not a believer in slimming products or slimming pills. I prefer the natural way of losing weight – no medications or whatsoever artificial stuff. But, I was so desperate that time. I took her advice and religiously drank the stale tasting coffee for 36 days. And well, she’s right. It worked. But…

Side Effect

Don’t be scared. Though the coffee has a slight side effect, it is not scary nor something that you should be alarmed of. “Side Effect” – as you see it’s singular. I only experienced slight heart palpitations. The coffee has a component that activates your metabolism to boost up the weight loss process that’s why palpitations are normal occurrences while you are taking it.

Why I Stopped Taking It

I stopped taking the coffee after 36 days because I already achieved my aimed weight. Also, I’m not comfortable with the palpitations. A lot of my friends were awed how I quickly lose weight, but…

How To Keep Your Desired Weight

Below is a comparison photo of me taken like 2 years ago and my recent photo taken 1 or two months ago.

It was really great losing those pounds and achieving your desired weight, but another dilemma arises. How to keep it? In my case, how to keep it without going to the gym or doing any exercise?

The very main eating technique that I do is to eat LESS rice. Believe me. Please take note of the capitalized word. It’s no joke and it works really GREAT. Don’t stick with the half rice stuff. Just eat the smallest amount of rice you can muster. And, eat a lot of meat or viand that comes along with your rice.

I will describe in detail how I maintain my weight in my next Health entry.

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17 thoughts on “How I Lose Weight and Keep It

  1. nidako pako oi.. gikan bya nagbuntis og nanganak ha.. d pako kaantigo pabalik..
    pag txt lage.. nya pag molaag ta , magbitbit gyud ko baktin.. nya d pwde gabii
    nya kana d ting ulan..
    mo pm ko sa number nako

  2. @ashlee I bought the coffee frm my friend. Order basis. F u r interested kindly txt me thru this #09325325387

  3. You are so on target. But one part of weight loss or any task that requires disciplining ourselves needs to done in conjunction with a good positive mindset as well. There are many books and other media for positive mental attitude but also methodology in regard to NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming. You can find these types of resources at plus many other beneficial items. Here’s to losing it and keeping it off!

  4. Thats great with the weight loss. I agree rice will catch up with you. I eat out a Nami Japanese steakhouse here in town and always getting the friend rice with my sukiyaki steak and shrimp. I choose the fried rice over steam rice because really, it doesn’t matter…steam rice is just as starchy ad fried rice. So if I’m going to indulge in rice, I choose the taster fried rice or no rice at all haha.

  5. On of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight. Not really a lot, but at 35, I’m already seeing the difference. Should I try the coffee? I’m a bit nervous about the palpitations though. I’m already doing some jump ropes, I heard that it works great. Thanks for the tip here.

  6. You’re not that big Agnes. Basing on your photo, I don’t think you were even overweight because I am overweight. LOL

    I saw you too at the Best Cebu Blogs Awards and you actually look great and fit. I hope I’ll be as fit as you soon. 😀

    I’m using Leisure 18 at the moment, is that the same with what you used? I’m still on the 6th day today and my mom said I’m losing weight. yey!

    I did not experienced the palpitations though.hmmm….

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