Here Comes the Wonggoys!

Two years ago, Myspace reported a total number of 7 million bands registered on their website.  This number had definitely increased after a span of 2 years.  And, out of this millions of bands, we can only count from our fingers and toes those who really made it to the top.

Most music artists worldwide are surviving not by popularity nor by money and by demand, but by  their passion to share their music.

In Cebu alone, bands from various music genres are sprouting from local pubs and bars.  Most of them have potentials to make it to the mainstream scene but in the music industry, you need to be backed up by big label companies to make it to the top.

Make Way for the Wonggoys

Photo by Jorich Ponio

Does the name sounds so familiar?  The Wonggoys is Cebu’s newly formed band composed mainly by the talented Wong brothers.  They recently launched their debut album last December under 22 Tango Records.  Their producer is no other than Cattski Espina, one of Cebu’s finest singer-songwriter.

At six this morning, they will be performing on local TV (ABS-CBN’s Maayong Buntag Kapamilya).  They will be singing some of the songs in their first album – “I’m Not Sure What To Say But I’ll Say It Anyway“.

Gabe Wong, main vocalist and chief composer, Kyle Wong, guitarist, and William Wong, guitarist, are Cebu’s newest music artists to watch out this year 2011.

Keep yourself updated of the band’s whereabouts by liking their fan page in Facebook.  Good luck and more power to Wonggoys. \m/

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6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Wonggoys!

  1. I think my band called The Happiest is included on the 2 million bands. Yay! ;-)hehe

    Wow. The Wonggoys. I’ve better check this out. I really love the rock music scene in Cebu. As a teenager I listened to 40 the band, Shiela and the Insects, The Abyss, and others.

    Thanks for the Info Agnes. Cheers! 😉

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