Family and Christmas

Maayong Pasko, Sugbo or Merry Christmas, Cebu! I wish every Cebuano is enjoying the holiday season and that amidst the luxurious parties and eats, we are still fully aware what we are celebrating and why we are celebrating Christmas.

Aside from the fact that Christmas is part of our Christian upbringing, everyone should realize that it is not just about Jesus Christ’s Nativity.  Christmas is a yearly reminder that each of us belongs to a family. A family that plays a very vital role in shaping our personality and in nurturing us to become responsible citizens in our society.

The Belen or the portrait wherein we see Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus, is an obvious symbol that no matter where you go or no matter what you become today, you are the product of how your parents raise you.

If you wanted to know a person’s behaviour, you definitely need to start asking how his family looks like.  All the individuals listed in the world’s most notorious criminals are raised in problematic and broken families.

The Family, the basic unit in our society, is the most powerful community component that shapes up our nation’s future.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone.

I will end this Christmas post with this quote from the Editor’s Letter of Readers Digest Asia – totally unrelated to my post but very inspiring.

“You know Dora, I think that most of us have lessons we refuse to learn.  But God’s going to keep throwing us into sticky situations until we grow up and deal with them.”

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