Overpopulation of Nursing Graduates in Cebu?

Is this true that there is an overpopulation of nursing graduates here in Cebu?  I only heard rumors and chit-chats but I haven’t seen any concrete figures yet that there is an over-supply of people in the nursing uniforms.

All I know is that most large universities in the city are offering nursing and medical courses since a huge volume of high school  graduates prefer to wear nursing scrub tops.  This, is due to various economic reasons.  Most parents who send their daughters and sons to study nursing aim to uplift their economic status by requiring them to go abroad after graduation.

Every year, more and more nursing graduates become jobless due to heavy competition and and not all those who graduated were able to go abroad.  And, for those ones who wanted to have more hands on experience wearing the hospital scrub uniforms, they endured  the minimum wage they receive working as RNs in the local hospitals.

It is actually very saddening that the very reason why most Registered Nurses can’t wait to leave the Philippines (and work abroad) is due to the fact that their potential income here in the country is too low compared to the green dollars that they will earn there in the states.

Well, we really can’t stop this trend.  Bottom line is, more money means lots of opportunities.  Overpopulated or not, these sad facts remain –  there’s not much opportunity here in the Philippines for any RNs and sooner or later, a scarcity of talented people will hunt down this developing nation.

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3 thoughts on “Overpopulation of Nursing Graduates in Cebu?

  1. I still remember 2000 when my two male friends enrolled in Nursing at SWU. They were just among the 7 male nursing students on their batch.
    One of them got lucky and is now working in Canada. The other one became an ESL teacher staying in Cebu.

    There was a stigma before about male nurses being gay. But now Filipino males and females alike dreaming of working abroad would like to enroll in nursing and become RN’s.

    I don’t have anything against this course.

    Just an advice though: before high school graduates register for a college course, they should think if that course could really bring them to their dreams.

  2. Newly graduated RNs used to be able to work at local hospitals for about 7,500 piso ($150.00) a month as they are required to have 2 years experience before going overseas. Now they are having to work for free just to get the required 2 years experience needed to apply for a overseas position. An RN can easily get a job making $4,000.00 a month or more in the U.S.A.

    It is a disgrace what the Philippine government is doing to it best and brightest. They are forced to leave their country to make a living wage.

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