ReadBud, Let Cebuanos Earn Dollars While Reading

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Good news to all Cebuanos who love to read.  You can now earn dollars while reading your favorite topics and articles online.

I know a lot of people who love to read and they read like volumes of articles daily.  But what if you are given the opportunity to enjoy reading your favorite topics and getting paid at the same time?

Instead of wasting your precious time ranting and chatting in Facebook, you can start reading great articles in line with your interests.  If you are into cooking or if you are interested about politics and current events, this is your opportunity to earn something while enjoying your favorite hobby.

On the other hand, if you are not into reading, this is your time to start loving this great activity.  Frequent reading can polish your English skills and will make you an expert in your field of interest.

You can start earning while reading by signing up HERE.  No registration fee.  Happy reading! (:

About Empress

Empress is a tech enthusiast who loves to read and write. She founded Empress Content Writing & Digital Marketing Services to help small entrepreneurs grow their business.

9 thoughts on “ReadBud, Let Cebuanos Earn Dollars While Reading

  1. naa pero bago lang nag sign up, pero kanang free na paypal, wala man nako g apil apilan og cc account , pwde gihapon na?

  2. wala pa diay kay credit card? you can still continue earning without that one pero dapat magpuno jud ka ug credit card or any bank account sa imong paypal para mawithdraw nimo imong money.

    you can try union bank eon card. 500 ra ang payment to open an account. (:

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