Miss Cebu 2011

Miss Cebu 2011 Candidates

Photo: Michael Sinjin Pineda

Joining a beauty pageant requires physical prowess and a personality that stands out above the rest.  We know a lot of attractive and beautiful people but do they have the attitude that can handle pressure and the brain that can outwit challenges?

Beauty queens like Miriam Quiambao, Ruffa Guttierez, Charlene Gonzales, and Gloria Diaz have one thing in common — unshakable confidence.

Who Stands Out?

Last 27th of October, I attended the Miss Cebu 2011 press conference wherein for the first time the twelve finalists were presented to the media people.

Among the very few candidates who stand out during the question and answer portion were Vanessa Claudine Ammann, Katrina Raye Yuson, and Tiffanie Lene Llamada.

My Top 6

The Miss Cebu 2011 finalists are mostly nursing and medical technology students, and I noticed that most of them are studying in Cebu Doctor’s University.  I am a bit disappointed that there are no candidates from
technological institutions.

It’s not actually hard picking up my top 6 candidates.  Originally, I only have my top 3 favorites but I plan on making a separate review post for the six remaining contestants that are not in my top 6 list just to give a second look at those ones who don’t impress me that much.

Check Miss Cebu 2011’s schedule of coronation night here.  Anyway, I will be revealing my top 6 candidates in my next post.  So, stay tuned. (;

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