Pacquiao VS Margarito

Pacquiao VS Margarito

Existing Watchpad users must reserve slots at before November 8 to watch the Pacman-Margarito fight.

PACQUIAO and PLDT myDSL WatchPad: A Winning Tandem

On November 14 at 8 a.m., PLDT myDSL Watchpad subscribers will get to experience the blow-by-blow account of the much-awaited Pacquiao-Margarito World Super Welterweight Championship as it streams live from the U.S. with no commercial breaks.

Existing Watchpad users must make a reservation on before November 8 to watch Pacman’s legacy-defining fight. Current 1299, 2199 and high speed plan subscribers may reserve immediately using their existing username and password. An email will be sent once the reservation has been confirmed.

Plan 990 subscribers will need to upgrade to Plan 1299 within the reservation period to catch the live streaming and at the same time enjoy exciting upgrade offers like speeds of up to 768 kbps, free PLDT to PLDT NDD for one year and free 30 minutes worth of IDD calls*. A myDSL agent will be calling them to assist them in their plan upgrade and to experience live streaming free.

For myDSL subscribers who are not Watchpad users yet, simply make sure to register first and then reserve within the reservation period at absolutely free.

Streamed live on the WatchPad’s myView Channel, get a free front seat pass to this once-in-a-lifetime event right in the comforts of your own home and on your myDSL-powered PCs.   WatchPad users can also catch past Pacquiao fights such as the Pacquiao vs. Clottey and  Pacquiao vs. Cotto bouts on the MyView Channel.

WatchPad, PLDT myDSL’s latest innovation, is an exciting value-added service that allows PLDT myDSL subscribers to watch their favorite shows and television channels for free and in real time over the internet. Watchpad currently airs 19 channels: National Geographic, RCTV, CNBC, Splash, History Channel, BIO Channel, C&I, TBN, Living Asia, Smart Shopping, Channel V, PBO, Go, CNN, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, Animax Mobile, Shakey’s V-League, and myView. For more information, log on to

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  2. The greatest fighters of this era(1990-Present) are Floyd and Ricardo ‘Finito’ Lopez. If an individual chose Lopez in excess of Floyd, I could realize, but declaring Manny has completed much more than Floyd is bordering on LUNACY. Manny fights shot fighters like Morales and Barrera, and RECYCLED Top Rank fighters like Clottey, Cotto and PLASTER Palms. Deal with it.

  3. mayweather arrived out of retirement to prove he is the P4P KING and its not pacman, now PACMAN agrees almost everything mayweather needs he made a decision to take a year off……………WHEN A BOXER Can make EXCUSES TO Avoid FIGHTING A different BOXER IS Known as A COWARD and MAYWEATHER has proven to the boxing globe that he is a COWARD……………you CANT call MAYWEATHER the greatest boxer if he is a COWARD

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