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I always believe that there’s no such thing as impossible if we help each other.  No man is an island because we, human beings, are programmed to live and to depend on each other.  In this era of Information Technology, helping each other is just a click away.  The internet revolution brings the human race closer to each other that even if you are not in Haiti, you can still extend helping hands to help the earthquake survivors there.  Well, we can’t help it.  We are the only race in the entire universe who are gifted with ingenuity.

Extend believes in the power of the internet and how important it is as a medium in helping people.  As part of the launching of their website, they are giving away a brand new Apple Ipad.  Check below for more details.

Last Two Weeks to Raise 100K and Win an Apple iPad!

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES, July 19, 2010. – Vote for a cause & get a chance to Win an Apple iPad! Yes, you can win a brand new Apple iPad just by extending yourself and helping others! CLICK HERE TO VOTE & WIN NOW!

Why should you vote?

1. The cause that gets the most votes at the end of this campaign will be rewarded P100,000 to help fund their efforts.

2. You get a chance to win a brand new Apple iPad!

How does it work? Simple. All you have to do is choose which cause you would like to help. You
can help the cause by voting for it.  Choose ONE cause. Once you’ve voted for a cause, you cannot change it
anymore so choose wisely.

There’s absolutely no catch. Just VOTE FOR A CAUSE and get a chance to WIN a brand new Apple iPad now!
Know more about the different groups you can vote for: Visit Featured Causes Page

*iPad raffle available to Philippine residents only.


We believe in the power of the Internet. It has brought about a lot of changes in the way we live our lives, the way we do business, the way we communicate, and the way people help out one another. Taking action and extending yourself to others has never been this easy. Just last year, Facebook and Twitter were both used incessantly in everyone’s effort to save lives and help those in need when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines. With this website, we hope to encourage visitors to learn more about the different socially relevant organizations they can help in the Philippines.  We envision as the convener of causes in the country. We are here to actively promote the activities of different organizations and give easy access to those who would like to volunteer and participate. We will also serve as a rallying force to ensure that  followers who believe in the different programs will be informed properlyon how they can support advocacies that appeal to them. Visit for more details.

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