Annoying Credit Card Agents

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Have you been a victim of these credit card agents who would just suddenly call you at home and would forcefully ask you of your latest ITR copy, telling you that it’s the only lacking document so that your credit card application will be processed?

My first reaction was actually like, Oh, WAIT!  What’s the name of your bank again?  And then I went blank because I couldn’t remember that I applied for a credit card account to that bloody bank.  The very loud agent would then argue that I did sent an application and I should fax the lacking document so that I can start using their instant credit card.  And, I was like stupefied.

And after I hang up the phone, everything just sank in.  How did that bloody agent got all my personal information?  I only have two existing accounts and they are like the best credit cards that I have so far.  And I don’t have any plans to apply for another account because it would be just a waste of money and time.  Handling two credit card accounts is definitely not easy.  It’s just that, I want to maintain a good credit history for future purposes.

Anyways, that’s actually not the first time that a credit card agent tried to lure me to apply to their bank.  I’m just wondering how they get all my personal information.  I think someone is selling data from one company to another.  Something fishy is going on here.  Tsk…tsk.

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