Have You Joined a SEO contest?

Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign are the keywords that we are currently competing to top in the Google SERPs. Clairemont Webdesign spearheaded this contest, which started last middle of March and will end in the 2nd week of April.

This is my very first SEO contest, and I really feel its thrill. My original intention why I joined, is to drive new traffic to my main site. Winning is not really my aim because truthfully, I still have a lot of things to learn about search engine optimization.

When I joined this contest, I was actually thinking that I would learn a lot about SEO since I will do my best to at least put my entry in a higher rank. Thus, it will drive me to be more resourceful and find things that I don’t know about.

At this very moment, I can already tell how those 4 entries made their way to the top. And it’s very obvious that their efforts are much larger than mine, though I believe that I also did a tremendous job so that my entry won’t end up in the bottom list.

One thing I learned about being part in this contest is, if you are wise enough, you can actually mimic the strategy of the other contestants. This, is because of the web’s transparency.

A contestant who is wondering why this certain entry is constantly topping the SERP, would eventually do some analysis and will pull out resources to diagnose it. After the nosing around, if you are really keen to details, before you know it, you already discovered their secrets.

For the first quarter of this year, there are only 3 keywords that won’t get easily erased from my mind…webthesurfi rugs webdesign.

Anyways, have you joined a contest lately?

N.B.: I wrote this post on the last week of March and shared it to my forum comrades.  I posted this now here in my main site to at least push my SERP rank.

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3 thoughts on “Have You Joined a SEO contest?

  1. Hi Empress, actually I haven’t joined any SEO contest before but I do SEO services for my client from the US. Anyway, great post you have here. 😉

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