La Belle Aurore, Newest Bookstore in Cebu

Are you a self-confessed book maniac and page-turning addict who can’t live without molesting hundreds or thousands of bound leaf pages as part of your daily routine?  Do you intentionally confined yourself in your room and promised a six-dimensional non-living matter that you will stick with it through  thick and thin (the pages, of course)?  Then, you might want to meet “The Beautiful Dawn” aka La Belle Aurore.

La Belle Aurore is the newest opened bookshop in Cebu, located at Hernan, Mandaue City (just beside Jade’s Court).  This bookshop is owned by JB Lee, a self-confessed book lover, who believes that books must be well circulated so that it will attain its worth and value.  With currently over 3, 000 available titles being displayed in the shop, JB is still planning for an expansion.  He plans to occupy the 2nd floor of his shop to display a wider variety of affordable books.

La Belle Aurore’s books are way more affordable compared to 2nd-hand bookstores like Booksales and Cagnaan.  Book prices range from 70php and up.  Store hours is from 10am-9pm.  You can contact them at 0923-357-9159 or telefax 2380154. Email is  You can also visit their multiply site to place orders and check titles.  Check the store’s sketch below.

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4 thoughts on “La Belle Aurore, Newest Bookstore in Cebu

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  2. hi..
    i am a student of Cebu Nornal University..
    we are having a book fair..
    this feb.. 3rd or 4th week.
    can we invite your bookshop?..

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