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I just happened to visit a website wherein they offer free unlimited text to their visitors.  Yeah, no bullshit intended.  I tried it just a while ago and it works.  You can send text messages absolutely free.

I was actually browsing the CBS forum this early morning and saw a thread about Pinoy Chikka inviting us for a meet up.  As usual I’m curious what it is all about.  So, I checked their website and there, I stumbled upon their free text feature.  What a nice morning offer especially if you are too lazy to wash your face and go out and buy a load.  Hehehe!

Anyways, I’m not actually promoting the website, but I can’t help it.  Their feature solves my morning laziness.  Well, if you have free time, please check their website.  You may stumble upon something that interest you.  Happy Sunday! ☻☻☻

Click here to enjoy your unlimited free text.

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9 thoughts on “Enjoy Unlimited Free Text

  1. @tiannex
    pagxur oi…amo officemates kay mao ila gamit…send man lagi…try sending your number…send man tanan akong msgs…hehe

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