Brasco’s Crazy Bliss is Insanely Delectable

Photo by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

There’s a new pizza house in town and it is located in the newly built lifestyle district  in Juan Luna Avenue.  Brasco Pizza & Pasta invited CBS to check their newly opened pizza store, housed inside the sophisticated building of The Gallery.  Ingrid, the sister of the owner, was the one who personally entertained us.

Brasco Pizza & Pasta is owned by Ingrid’s brother, Brian Espina.  Brasco is not actually an Italian word and it actually means Brian’s Aspirations and Company.  Brasco doesn’t only offer pizza and pasta, but home-made ice cream and desserts as well.

It’s their Crazy Bliss dessert which has surpassed my expectation.  It is a hot brownie topped with home-made vanilla iced cream.  The combination of these two luscious palatable mixtures is sweetly unforgettable.  La Marea’s version fades in comparison.

Photo by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

Other than that, we also tried their Brasco (a must try pizza), Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni, Pasta with tomatoes and aligue (pasta with tomato sauce and and crab roe), and Four Seasons.  (I love their Pasta with tomatoes and aligue.)

Brasco’s thin crust pizza comes in three sizes: Big (10″), Bigger (14″), and Biggest (20″).  Each pizza toppings is Brian’s original recipe which he studied and researched for four years.  This goes as well to all their home-made desserts in the menu.

At the later part of our pizza trip, Brian came and told us why he ventured to a Pizza business.  He said that he’s a pizza lover himself, and it’s his dream to build a pizza house.  Since his family is already into the food industry (his parents are the owner of MyJoy formerly known as McJoy), it’s not that difficult for him to start one.

Brasco Pizza and Pasta is located at The Gallery, San Jose dela Montaña/Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City, in front of San Carlos Seminary and IPI.  They accept delivery, and you can contact their store thru these numbers: 5057924 and 5114018.

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