In the Dojo

One early morning, in the city’s famous beer dojo, three drunk senpai were in a very intimate drunkard discussion…

kioas(talking to isda): you mean you can steal that giant bottle up there?
isda: sure, i can. i just need your help and influence.
twistedsui(to kioas): you guys are dreaming…(chuckles)

kioas: i think that is possible. i just have to use my genjutsu and lure those stupid shinobis out there.
isda: brighta! you can definitely do that. let those bake drool over mountain of big boobs. hikhik…

twistedsui(to isda and kioas): hikhik. i wanted to see those mountain of big boobies too.
isda(only talking to kioas): i think we need to do this together and exclude him(referring to twistedsui). he might jeopardize our plan.
kioas(to isda): you mean you wanted all the boobies by ourselves only?

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