Warning: Stop using IE

[mwrap][dcap]F[/dcap]or those people who are currently using any version of Internet Explorer as their browser, please pay attention. Microsoft published a security advisory regarding current vulnerability of IE that could allow remote code execution. They described it as the way Internet Explorer handles a particular object in memory, potentially causing an exploitable crash. According to this post, the attackers were using legitimate and pornographic Web sites to host exploits for the vulnerability.

At first, they believed that it’s only IE’s latest version that has been exploit, but they discovered later that it affects all versions of the browsers on all Windows platforms. Everyone is advised to use other browsers like firefox and opera to avoid dangerous security problems. A patch should be released by Microsoft within the next few days. Please check this link for further details about this issue. [/mwrap]

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5 thoughts on “Warning: Stop using IE

  1. I don’t use IE except on testing some blog/site designs I made for compatibility purposes. Even though IE is buggy there’s still a huge majority of users. But I still hope that Microsoft will come up with something that is on par with FF or Opera.

  2. Hi Empress,
    Here’s greeting you the very best of the Christmas season. May the Lord shower you and your family with countless blessings this coming year. Thanks for joining Filipinos Unite!!! God bless you and your loved ones always.

    Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!

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