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Do you want to watch movies for free? You can still catch up the movies from Cine Europa Film Festival at Onstage, Ayala Center Cebu. The Screening schedule is from Sept. 26-28. We watched “After the Wedding” yesterday. It’s a film from Denmark about a rich businessman in the brink of his death.

Cine Europa Film Festival features contemporary and critically-acclaimed films from different countries around Europe. Hurry up, and catch these movies for free.

Mozart in China(Austria) Danny and Li Wei, two ten-year-old boys from Salzburg, spend an adventurous summer on the southern Chinese island of Hainan. With the help of Mozart and a Chinese shadow princess they manage to save an old shadow theater from a greedy hotel chain.

A Perfect Match(Belgium) On the day of his forced retirement, a grumpy school principal decides to look for a wife on the Internet. It’s not love he is after. Merely companionship. He meets scores of women but can’t seem to make up his mind. Until his new housekeeper arrives. She is almost forty years younger than him and a total disaster at housekeeping. For the first time in what seems a lifetime, he falls totally and desperately in love.

Beauty in trouble(Czech Rep.) The Robert Graves poem by the same name inspired Jan Hrebejk and Petr Jarchovsky to tell the romantic story of a young woman dealing with dilemma of loving two men at once a dilemma between sexual dependence and assuring a future for herself and her children, a dilemma in her relationship to her mother and step-father and with her mother-in-law.

After the Wedding(Denmark) Jacob Petersen receives a donation of US$4 million for the orphanage he manages in India. Conditions are, he must return to Denmark and attend the wedding of the benefactor’s daughter, which caused an unexpected drama in his life.

Colorado Avenue(Finland) Colorado Avenue tells the story of Hanna, a young woman who immigrates to America determined to make money in the Great West and later returns to her home country to face civil war, alcohol smuggling and humiliation. With her American dollars she buys a parcel of rocky land and opens a country store. The store becomes the village centre and the local people begin to respect the industrious Hanna- or Dollar-Hanna as they choose to call her. The film deals with humiliation, shame, respect and making peace with one’s past and is set in the early years of Finland’s independence.

Love Songs(France) Love song tells the same story: “Too many people love you.”; “I can’t live without you.”; “Sorry” Les chansons d’amour is all about that.

Children of the Moon(Germany) Astronaut Paul flies to the moon. Lisa, a scientist, accompanies him. Every afternoon, 12-year-old Lisa has an appointment with her 6-year-old brother Paul. He is suffering the incurable “Disease of the Moon” and has to stay inside the house. As a pastime, Lisa has invented a fantasy game, and in the siblings’ imagination Paul is a spaceship captain who travels around, lost in space. But when Lisa falls in love for the first time, another appointment is getting in the way, and becoming more and more important. Brother and sister have to learn to adapt to the new reality.

Chemical Hunger(Italy) With a backdrop set in a grim housing project of a Milan suburb teeming with social tension, three youngsters, Claudio, Manuel and Maja, face up to the passage from youth to adulthood. Urban poverty, workers’ rights, and racial conflicts between Italina and Third World extracomunitari(people from outside the European Union) represent one set of related issues; Claudio’s career and romantic uncertainties and interactions with his more illegal pal Manuel are another. Italian rapper, Zulu, leader of the “99 Posse,” comments on the social situation in songs he sings like a Greek chorus.

One hundred steps(Italy) was the distance between the Impastato’s house and the house of Tano Badalamenti, an important Mafia boss, in the small Sicilian town of Cinisi. The movie is the story of Peppino Impastato, a young left-wing activist that in late seventies(when almost nobody dared to speak about Mafia, and several politicians maintained that Mafia did not even exist) repeatedly denounced Badalamenti crimes and the whole Mafia system using a small local radio station, with the arm of irony. In 1978 Peppino(30 years old) was killed by an explosion. The police archived the case as an accident or a suicide, but his friends never accepted this thesis.

Night run(The Netherlands) When Dennis van der Horst gets the chance to obtain an extremely lucrative taxu license of the only taxi-company MOTAX in Amsterdam, he cannot believe his luck and thinks his days as a hustler are over. Soon he finds out, however, that his license is worthless as the law has been changed and competition on the taxi-market will be allowed. A taxi-war on the streets of Amsterdam is the result. Dennis gets entangled into the criminal organization behind MOTAX and he finally decides to confront the man who is pulling the strings, in order to free himself from the mess he is in.

The Paper will be blue(Romania) The movie is extremely significant didactic film of the Romanian cinema because it illustrates a crucial period 19 years ago which changed the history of the country. Hirtia va fi albastra is the Romanian title of the film which takes us back to the night of December 22, 1989 when the regime of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu finally collapsed, and rage, paranoia and revolution are in the air.

Un Franco, 14 pesetas(Spain) Spain, 1960. Two friends named Martin and Marcos decide to look for jobs in Switzerland, the free and progressive part of Europe. They will have to adapt to a very different way of life there.

Latebloomers(Switzerland) Lisi encourages Martha(80), to realize a long-held dream: to open a botique with her own hand-made lingerie. This news turns the placid Swiss Emmental village upside down. When Martha’s son, the vicar, orders her to close the shop, she and her bestfriends decide it’s high time to show the village what they are made of.

Vitus(Switzerland) Vitus is a boy who almost seems to be from another planet: He has hearing like a bat, he plays piano like a virtuoso and studies encylopedias at the age of five. No wonder his parents begin to anticipate a brilliant future for him. The want Vitus to become a pianist. However, the little genius prefers to play in his eccentric grandfather’s workshop. He dreams of flying and of a normal childhood. Ultimately, with one dramatic leap, Vitus takes control of his own life.

And when did yhou last see your father?(United Kingdom) is Blake Morrison’s moving and candid memoir of his father in the weeks leading up to his death. After his father’s death Morrison questions the nature of the bond between them, articulately expressing the contradictions, frustrations, love and loss bound into the complicated relationships which most of us have with our parents as we grow up.

Seats are on a first-come, first serve basis. These free movies will be screened in Cagayan De Oro from 3rd to 5th of October at Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University. Visit this site for more details.

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