Cyber Relationships?

The onset of technological advancement has paved way to lots of possibilities and opportunities. The lifestyle of modernization is greatly embraced by people across cultures. Most people worldwide became dependent to this technological advancement, such as, you don’t have to go to Paris anymore to buy your favorite costumed made Italian lingerie. By a few clicks of your mouse you can have the finest designer clothes from your favorite Italian clothesline. You can pay your bills without going to the bank, but by just paying online. You can even sell merchandise online with international prospects. And these are made possible by no other than the internet.

The internet or the World Wide Web is the most celebrated technological breakthrough in the dawn of the 20th century. It narrowed down the cultural gap among people world wide, and long distance communication is made even easier, more affordable, and very portable. Phone to phone conversation may be is still in, but cyber communication is the current trend in the market. Cyber communication is another name for communication using the internet or the web.

The internet or cyberspace has introduced a more dynamic and convenient way of communication platform which jives in with the current fast-paced lifestyle of people across nations. This has made way to Instant Messaging (IM), such as Yahoo Messenger (YM), Google Talk (GTalk), MSN Messenger, IRC, and a lot more instant messaging services. And lately, these IM companies have added voice messaging service (for voice conference, phone to phone talk) as add-ons to their software applications.

Another form of communication platform in the net is the web-based instant messaging, wherein, you can send messages to anyone without using any software-based IMs, but your browser ( such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Avant ). On the other hand, interpersonal and dating websites (such as,, and social networking realms (such as,,, have also dominated the online world. People around the globe meet online, communicate with each other, make friends, transact business, and even to the extent of building romantic relationships through these mediums. These can also be seen in email correspondence, forums, blogs, and the likes. Due to all these online innovations, cyber relationships existed.

And thus, we can say that cyber relationships are intimate and non-intimate bonds that are formed through frequent online communication. These can be platonic, romantic, or businesslike. As more and more people became acquainted with the World Wide Web, this has become the trend, and has posed lots of criticisms among people from all walks of life.

Some find it very convenient and classy because it is high tech, but others are dubious and cynical, especially when most people’s conception about cyber relationships only focuses to romantic relationship, that is the referrence to those people who use the internet as a medium to find love, sexmates, husbands, and even an aging foreigner to uplift their economic status .

There are actually lots of factors that affect these attitudes toward cyber relationships. The next lines are questions that can actually help us to better understand this new issue in our society.

First, is to what extent people perceive it as serious or not. Second, is to how open-minded are they, as to their level of involvement. Third, are the advantages brought by this new trend sufficient enough to outweigh the disadvantages, and how these factors affect those people who are involved.  And lastly, is to what extent socio-demographic status can affect ones attitude towards cyber relationships, that is, how does a person’s gender, social economic status, educational attainment could affect his views on the said issue?

Cyber relationship is may be the in thing nowadays, but just like anything that is new, it will take time before all people can fully adjust and understand its implications to our society.

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  1. hehehehhe .. try lang gud na2.. ehhehe
    naa nag pa char2 nez.. client namo aw caller
    ghagahha nag hatag og email add den nag au og email add nako

  2. Thanks for being positive. Your article helped. I am starting one relationship right now, and I need all the boost I can have. I was even thinking that these relationships as not as different form those families who have husbands abroad. The only focus is that the other one is a foreigner. Think about it.

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