I’ve been waiting for 1and1’s confirmation email since yesterday evening, but it seems like their promise of sending me my log in details within 24-hours has vanished to thin air.   I signed up for their Beginner web hosting package, the one with a free domain name and a 10GB web space. I really have no idea why until now they haven’t sent my log in details yet. I feel a little unsatisfied, since aside from the hosting package fee, they also charged me another $6 for “security of the processing of my order”. I don’t have any idea how that “thing” works.

Anyways, at last I bought EmpressOfDrac.com. Whew! Such a relief because I’ve been planning to buy this domain name a year ago, but I just got the opportunity to buy lately. I’ve been using this monicker since 2004 and starting that time, my close friends didn’t call me by my real name anymore. Hehehe! They call me press, empress, emp, empret… That’s why if someone is calling me by my real name that means that person ain’t a close friend of mine.

I hope can already access my cpanel tomorrow so that I can start switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. This way I can freely put ads in here. WordPress would actually charge $10/year in order for me to change my domain name and also for them to automatically redirect my old site to the new one. Gosssh! I better be good with this stuff so that I can pay my credit bills. Grrr…


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Agnes likes to think that she's a full-time BUM. She's currently doing the things she loves while maintaining a frugal lifestyle. This blog is all about her struggles to live a frugal life, her quest to see the world via budget traveling, and her love to share to other people (via blogging) everything that she is passionate about. Agnes does not absolutely conform to any beliefs or philosophies. Though she's writing about frugal living and is currently embracing the minimalist lifestyle, she doesn't want to define her existence based on these realities alone. For her, life is too diverse, too colorful, too mysterious. It would be a waste of experience (and time) to imprison herself to a few sets of ideas. Google+ | Twitter

14 thoughts on “EmpressOfDrac.Com

  1. it’s actually cheaper, and then a lot of people told me that their hosting services are quite reliable…before I bought the domain I actually look for other web hosting sites and compared prices…and i found out that their hosting packages are actually affordable compared to others…

  2. lamats au gaw ha…wahehehe…one last prob nalang ang redirection…tsk…tsk…buzz lang ko nimo if magkalisud pa ko ani…hehehe…tentyu…

  3. guenzie, toa sa wordpress.com ang imong comment…wala diri sa 1and1…hihihi…la na siya naapil pag import nako sa mga contents diri…wehehe…

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