Pacman: New WBC Superfeatherweight Champion!

Whew! And all that I can say is that the human species are indeed the most sadistic creatures in the vast universe. Hehehehe! Who would have paid millions of pesos es just to watch two individuals throwing punches toward each other, hitting each others bloody faces until brows and cheeks turned into ugly cuts, head butting each other until brain cellulites inside their bloody skulls collided and exploded, and even to the point of punching each others balls and testicles!(Hehehehe!)


All of us blood thirsty homo-sapiens have definitely enjoyed the show last bloody Sunday. Such savagery of exchanging fist and releasing unnatural sweats and even shading of tears and bloods can only be endured by sadistic mammals like us. Hehehehe! We, the human race are all guilty of such sadistic exhibitions like shouting, cheering, laughing, and jumping due to the salient pleasure we sweetly experienced every time pacman’s fists landed on marquez. We were like red-eyed beasts drooling and grinning as we savored the ecstatic feeling of great satisfaction of watching the exchange of hard blows and we were greatly rewarded as our very own ended up the bloody champion. Hehehe! (Photo from

N.B. I know this post is kinda late…but better late than never…hehehe…


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  1. my blogcebu site’s down, so kini lang sa ako isuroy. uy, pr4 na man diay ka.

    The pacman – marquez 2 fight brought considerable traffic to some bloggers.

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