Have you imagined yourself walking in a garden very late in the afternoon? The sun slowly sets, the wind a bit chilly, stilly surroundings, a familiar chirping of birds from trees afar, dried leaves all around you, everything seems stagnant, and a feeling of emptiness creeping inside you…

That’s how I felt when I watched this movie. Silk is way too different from any other movies I’ve seen. The scenes are too serene and melancholic, yet too vivid. The unfolding of characters is softly sculpted that you would slowly learn to like each one of them. The story yielded a climax of guilt-provoking scenes, yet it’s not actually what it seems. The tip of the climax sends a message to everyone about the congruency of true love and unconditional love. That big, red muscle in the center of your rib cage would definitely utter a sigh of longing as the protagonist unveils the most precious secret of his existence. (Hehehe!) (Photo from

Photo Credit: Movie.Moldova.Org


You can download the movie here

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