Do you know the secret for a happy life?

Nobody in this bloody universe wants to feel sad and lonely.  Everyone likes to be happy.  Human beings NEED to be happy. But, what’s happiness without pains and sacrifices? How can you recognize happiness when you haven’t experienced loneliness or sadness yet?

It is inhibition-activation. Yes! In order for us mortals to experience the pleasure brought to us by happiness we need to inhibit ourselves from sinful pleasures and sacrifice a little so that when activation comes, our senses won’t be jaded. That way, we can ultimately enjoy the good stuffs brought to us by happiness.  Hehehehe! I don’t know if you still get what I want you people to get.

Anyways, according to a famous psychologist, the secret to a happy life is POSITIVITY. Positivity in what way?  Make a Happy Journal. It may be written in old school style like diary, notebook, or you can have the leisure of blogging and online journals. In your journal write only all the happy things, events, occasions that happened in your life or blog about your happy thoughts and musings. YES! All those wacky stuffs you did with your friends, happy moments with your loved ones, sight seeings with your comrades…everything and anything that exudes positivity and happiness.

Honestly, this is what I have been doing for the past few weeks.  And it’s definitely effective! Hehehehe! So, what are you waiting? Fill your life with happiness! Start writing your Happy Journal now!!!

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4 thoughts on “Do you know the secret for a happy life?

  1. The best way to stay happy is to know that happiness doesn’t last forever so enjoy it as much as possible when you are happy.

    That way, when you’re feeling sad, you can easily remember when you were happy because you enjoyed that moment so much.

    Yes, you can write it down as well, maybe even take pictures, but sometimes you can always take those with you. But you can take your memories with you wherever you go.

    Tell stories about it, share the moment with others. The more you talk about it, the more you will remember.

    And Viola! Secret of happiness.

  2. here, here…


    that’s why people should learn to remember happy things well…human beings actually remember negative stuffs more saliently than positive stuffs…

    writing happy thoughts, ruminating positive ideas, and being positive all the times can really help…

  3. Hahaha! I loved that post! Very… positive! And I totally agree with everything you just wrote down! Except that now I have to remove 1/2 of my posts! Hahaha! Just kidding… You go, girlfriend! Write down those positive thoughts!

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