Gwen Garcia: A narcissist?

She caught my attention when one time I passed by South Bus Terminal and saw lots of big banners advertising or what we say promoting her “Catch Her If You Can” photography contest(this was last year, December 2007). Yeah, a photography contest and by all saints and demons(?) “her-she” as the main subject. I was kind of what? What is she thinking? I just can’t believe it! I mean, may be I’m the only one who noticed, but it is so fucking funny!(Hahahahahahaha!)

There, I laughed it out loud. My peers have the same views and we always laugh every time we see new editions of SUGBO (the official newspaper of the province of Cebu). We laugh because we became habituated seeing her “pretty” face in every corner and page of the newspaper, and we always conclude that she’s a narcissist.

According to Sugbo, the photography contest was held to recognize the talents of Cebu’s photographers, both professionals and amateurs. Well, that’s great, but Gwen as the only subject is bloody overrated. I’m wondering whose idea it is to hold such kind of contest and with such very petty theme(I think it’s too lousy a theme because it doesn’t really promote artistic talents, but it could be a pre-campaign tactic by Gwenn herself or by her PRO. Lol!)

Well, these are just opinions which are way too subjective and bias. But don’t you think that it’s too disturbing to see only her photos in that newspaper (Sugbo) as if she’s the only official who’s working for the betterment of the province? It’s really very WEIRD. What do you think? Well, you better check the newspaper so you’ll know. Check it here

N.B.: I write this post not to ridicule anyone but just to share what I’m thinking…ahehehe…

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  1. Geez… That woman really is in every page. I agree that it’s very annoying, especially in that picture you posted with the post… There’s something very disturbing about it. I guess the answer is that she is a narcissist… weird lady.

    Oh! and please don’t forget to change the name of my blog in your blogroll because it changed to either “美しい世界” or just “Beautiful World.” Thanks!

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